Itziar Barrios uses humble Bic pens to create stunning editorial illustrations



Like the vast majority of artists, Itziar admits, his earliest memories are of creative communication. But it wasn’t until three years ago, after having worked in a succession of professions that she found unsatisfactory, that she decided that illustration would be both her personal and professional life. “I think at that point I realized that life is too precious not to experience what you are most passionate about every day,” Itziar told Creative Boom.

Working mainly with ordinary Bic ballpoint pens, she has developed her own visual universe which is instantly recognizable thanks to its realism and limited color palettes. “There are times when the client has specific requirements, I work with Procreate, but the experience during the process is totally different, and it shows in the result.”

She specializes in editorial illustration, an approach she describes as one of the more complex sub-disciplines of illustration thanks to her tight deadlines. Itziar attributes his success to his hard work and persistence. “I’ve always wanted to do this kind of work and solve this kind of challenge. After a period of study and work to get my first clients, I got assignments that allowed me to improve myself and better understand how the market worked. take the first step, inertia helps you keep moving forward. “

Once you take the first step, inertia helps you keep moving forward.

She adds, “I find the ability of illustrators to brilliantly conceptualize complex ideas into simple illustrations very admirable. Some of them create high-quality work on a daily basis. But rather than seeing the editorial illustration workload as a downside, Itziar says she can become an incredible motivator.

“Obviously, tight deadlines are always an obstacle to the further development of ideas,” she explains. “But without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges is working on different topics each time you start a new job.

“Sometimes you deal with pretty sensitive topics that you are not very familiar with. Sometimes the time is very limited and does not allow you to conduct a more in-depth investigation of the topic at hand. Truth be told, it can be a shame because. the more information you have, the easier it is to convey the idea appropriately and clearly in the illustration. “

As for the future, Itziar seeks to develop and explore new markets where the limits and creative limits are different. This includes working for advertisers and developing your own textile brand with its prints.

“Another goal that I have planned in the short term is to start giving movement to my illustrations. It is quite a challenge because I work in analog and the limits are obvious, but I hope to be able to achieve it in the future. close.”


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