Intel reiterates that its dedicated graphics will appear in Q2 2022

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the dedicated intel graphics for desktops, they’re playing tough, to the point that they’re starting to flirt with the term “eternal promise.” However, the years of waiting may be starting to come to an end, as the company’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has reiterated his intention to launch such products in the market during the second quarter of this year.

At Intel’s latest financial conference, Pat Gelsinger said that the Advanced Computing and Graphics Group (AXG) is on the right track and laptop models have already been launched in the market, in addition to the fact that they plan to launch first desktop SKUs in Q2 2022 and more products from the same line for the rest of the year. This corresponds to the information that has been circulating for a few months.

The data provided by Pat Gelsinger does not resolve a large number of doubts, but it seems to pave the way for the definitive launch of Intel graphics dedicated to desktop computers. Rumors point to the launch of eight models of the Alchemist range, which do not have to appear simultaneously and do not close the door to the appearance of more models, so expect the company to roll out or at least shows clearly form its catalog during the summer.

Intel Arc Alchemist Models Rumored to Release

But delivering quality through a dedicated graphics card doesn’t just depend on the raw power of the hardware, which Intel seems to be sticking to, but also takes care of the software, i.e. the Drivers. On this point, the CEO of Intel commented that gamers know that there is a lot of individual optimization work on some of the key titles. We are also working with our OEMs to complement their product portfolios.”.

Seeing that the integrated graphics of the processors are increasingly capable, to the point of doing very well for basic and even professional tasks that do not deal with heavy loads at the GPU level, it is clear that the dedicated graphics of Intel will be forced to compete. in running video games in consumer lines. Not starting on the right foot here means not being able to face an Nvidia which has an increasingly clear dominant position.

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March 2022 Steam Survey

Intel Arc Alchemist graphics, more sought after by Linux users than Windows?

With AMD unable to break NVIDIA’s dominance, Intel’s arrival could end up being a godsend by helping to increase the amount of dedicated graphics cards available on the market and opening the door to more innovation. especially since XeSS could be the competitor for DLSS that FSR doesn’t end up being (or at least it wasn’t in its first release).

However, we have to be realistic. Windows users are apparently very comfortable with NVIDIA graphics, so Linux users are probably most interested in Intel Arc Alchemist., a system for which the NVIDIA driver does not conform to established standards. This situation caused dissatisfaction with many and even caused conflicts with the kernel developers. With this panorama, Intel Arc Alchemist can be a great value for Linux users which would add to the good work done by AMD in recent years.

Of course, when talking about the status of drivers for running video games, we should not only refer to Windows, since the Vulkan driver for Linux still has a lot to improve if it wants to compete with what is offered by NVIDIA. and AMD (the Vulkan driver for Radeon used by default on Linux is not official).

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