Illustrations of characters by Jon Hanlan inspired by Picasso, Matisse and period cartoons


Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, the Canadian-born designer works part-time remotely as a freelance flight attendant and illustrator. “It has its challenges,” he tells Creative Boom, “but it’s one of the biggest drivers of my inspiration. I find inspiration quite often by exploring urban environments – the odd thrift store on a street. off the beaten track that has some vintage cartoon toy you’ve never heard of, next to an odd 70s shirt. In this juxtaposition, this can be one of the most exhilarating art experiences ever. ‘ouch. “

In fact, his job for an airline allows him to visit many different cities and enjoy various art exhibitions, which only adds to his sources of inspiration. “I recently went to Chelsea, New York and saw the Robert Nava exhibit at the Vito Schnabel gallery and it was amazing,” he adds.

Some of the work Hanlan created has ended up in editorial posts, social media campaigns, and LGBTQ + sticker sets for brands. In addition to enjoying creating personal projects, he also focuses on themes that fascinate him: sustainability and human rights / LGBTQ +.

“Instagram has been so crowded lately, and you can feel like you’re on this huge stage with a few people in the audience. So I took that energy and started singing with all my heart.” Hanlan said. “I am committed to working on projects that I believe make a positive difference to the planet in any way. “

Hanlan reminds us that there is no shame in having a part-time profession as a creative. “I’m happy, in a way, to have found happiness in the typical struggles that all freelancers go through when it comes to making money with our profession, and that’s beautiful.

“The work that I produce is an extension of myself in many ways, and in the same way, it unraveled over time. And it grows, just like me. And I can’t wait to see where that is. leads and what comes out of that. “


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