Illustrations in elementary school book Too Graphic for Rhino


Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson showed examples of illustrations in a book he doesn’t think is appropriate for North Carolina elementary schools during a press conference this week.

Under normal circumstances, illustrations from an elementary school book that the Lieutenant Governor showed at a press conference would be considered fair play for a news release. However, not in this case.

Rather than using the illustrations themselves, the Rhino provides a link to these illustrations with a disclaimer that this link refers to graphic illustrations of sexual acts that many may not consider appropriate. However, they come from a book currently in use in elementary schools in North Carolina. Here is the link:

The News & Observer has confirmed Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s statement that the illustrations are from a book available at some public school libraries across the state.

This is what Robinson called “the dirt” and has said on several occasions that he didn’t think it was appropriate for elementary school children, either in the library or used in the classroom.

Because Robinson has made strong statements against this type of graphic sexual material used in public elementary schools in North Carolina to teach children about transgender and homosexuality, he is fiercely attacked by the left.

At the press conference, Robinson was asked if the problem he had with the illustrations was that they depicted homosexual sex acts. has no importance.

He added: “Any kind of highly sexual material of this nature does not need to be distributed in schools.”

Robinson, who is North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor, also posted several of the emails he and his office received regarding this latest controversy (some of which are featured below).

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