Illustrations, doodles and caricatures: meet creative artists

Contemporary art has come closer to people. Living beneath cityscapes, in an age of urbanization, technology and varied cultures, contemporary paintings and sketches could easily come to the current generation. Contemporary art, if defined, is the art of today, or specifically produced in the second half of the 20th century. In a globalized world, it is exhilarating to see artists influenced by a number of factors, producing completely different and unique art. Art in a broad sense can be understood to include music, paintings, props, sculptors, slices, etc. Today we will feature contemporary artists producing compelling paintings and sketches.

Paul Chiranjit

Paul Chiranjit, in addition to being a contemporary artist, is also a visual arts teacher. With his hands filled with magic, he painted a myriad of alluring oil sketches. The canvas is his space of extreme creativity of human faces and their environment. Browsing through the canvases of Paul Chiranjit, a constant dazzle emanates from his oil sketches. Mainly covering sketches of female goddesses and portraits of women, Paul Chiranjit plays with transparency with oil on canvas. His creative energies come through vividly in his oil strokes and meticulous detail. In addition to oil sketches, Paul Chiranjit also masters pencil on paper.

Rajmohan Ramamoorthi

Rajmohan Ramamoorthi is a professional contemporary artist, with experience and talent in pencil sketches, digital art as well as watercolor portraits. His real life, captivating and realistic portraits, testify to the skill and artistic skill of Rajmohan Ramamoorthi. Each eye he drew tells its own story and has its own life. From pencil strokes to splashes of color, every point of his art is produced with the same detail, attention and precision. While her watercolor portraits deliver a more nuanced dream story, the pencil sketches speak in a more intense way.

Debayan Kar

Debayan Kar, with his classical elegance and creative energies, has produced outstanding works of art. Her collection is so unique, unblemished and beautiful, with artwork drawn and produced through different mediums and methods. From watercolors and pencil sketches to charcoal and line outlines, Debayan Kar uses art as a medium to express his inner thoughts. Most of his artworks are also a tribute and pay homage to famous and legendary icons. This contemporary artist has truly mastered the essence of portraiture, and each piece speaks to Debayan Kar’s raw skills.

Samir Mondal

Samir Mondal is a contemporary watercolourist. His works of art are unique and challenge the very idea of ​​what art should be. Giving the textures of oil painting through watercolors, Samir Mondal freely shows his inner artistic creations in more than one way. In his works of art, one can easily find novelty, invention and experimental aura. Samir Mondal plays with his colors with great enthusiasm. It definitely defines and actively participates in contemporary art and contemporary artists.

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