How to set up Sony cameras for great slow motion videos

Slow-motion is one of the most common and powerful techniques in videography, but it has a few elements that can be difficult to master without prior knowledge. In this video, get a great beginner’s tutorial on setting up your Sony camera for slow motion footage.

One of my all-time favorite YouTube channels is The Slow Mo Guys. There is something fascinating about seeing the world at a completely different speed than what we are used to. Maybe slow motion should have been an entry in my article on why and how photography hooked me. Although you cannot take thousands of frames per second with a regular camera, you can still create interesting photos with a Sony camera.

This video is a great demonstration of how to get high quality slow motion pictures from your Sony camera, explaining which settings you should use and, more importantly, why. While there aren’t many settings that dictate the look and quality of your footage when it comes to speed, going wrong with any one will ruin the effect. For example, using the wrong frame rate will lead to unwanted results.

One tip I would like to add is that you shouldn’t rule out shooting 1080p at 240fps just because it’s not 4K. Not only can 1080p footage be magnified very well, but doubling your frames per second from 120 to 240 frames per second means that if you shoot something that is moving really fast, your footage will be noticeably better.

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