How to personalize your Google account with “Google Illustrations”



Images can be just as important to your public profile (on any platform) as any other information in the profile. A good profile photo lets everyone know what you’re talking about, visually.

Google knows this, which is why it launched Google Illustrations; a new way to personalize your google account with a predefined profile picture.

Here’s what Google Artwork is and how to add it to your account profile.

Google launches “Google Illustrations”

According to an article on The Keyword, you can now use a new feature called Google Illustrations to give your Google Account a more personal touch.

You’ve always been able to change your profile picture on your Google account (it asks you to add one when you first set up the account), but now Google has stepped in with a myriad of theme presets that you can use in place of your own photo.

These illustrations are fully customizable, so you can add and remove items as you like. You can also change the color of said elements, giving you lots of possibilities to create something unique to your profile.

This is a great idea, given that many people value their privacy and don’t necessarily want their photo associated with their digital presence.

Currently, the feature is only available for Android, with plans to roll it out to iOS and the web. However, once you change your profile picture through Android, it should sync across all of the Google services you use.

How do I get Google illustrations?

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Getting the new artwork feature couldn’t be easier.

Google says that you can currently only access it through Android, as we mentioned earlier. To do this, open your Workspace, Gmail or Contacts applications on your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to see the illustrations when you set a profile photo for your account.

Once you’ve launched the app, tap on the circular profile icon. If you already have a profile photo, tap it at the top right of the app; if you don’t have a photo or profile picture yet, you’ll see the first letter of your name with a colored background. In all cases, you must select this profile icon.

This will bring up the account details screen, with links to Manage your account, with another circular profile icon, this time with a camera symbol on it. You need to tap this icon and select Add a profile picture. You should now see the Google Illustrations option, along with adding a profile photo from Google Photos or your device.

From here you can browse, select and customize the artwork you want; just be creative!

You can now personalize your account with Google Illustrations

If you want to protect your privacy or just want a fun new image to represent your online presence in Google apps, you can do that with Google Illustrations. This is just one way for Google to improve its already rich ecosystem.

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