How to Convert Slow Motion Video to Normal Video on iPhone



Largely because of the quirky elements, slow-motion videos never cease to amaze. Whether you want your late night clip to look cinematic or you want your birthday photo to look funky, slow motion is for you. But have you ever wanted to convert slow motion video to normal video on your iPhone or iPad? Maybe you wanted to understand how the slow motion clip looks like normal speed video or maybe you don’t like the slow effect. Whatever your reason, there is a quick way to turn a slow motion clip into a normal video on iOS.

Convert Slow Motion Video to Normal Video on iOS and iPadOS

The Photos app has a hidden slow motion video converter that you can use to easily turn slow motion selfies (or any slow motion shots) into normal clips. Moreover, the stock photos app converts the videos without any quality loss. So, you shouldn’t worry about any distortion after converting.

Interestingly, the Photos app also lets you undo changes. So anytime you want to get your slo-mo clip back, you can do it easily. Let’s see how it’s done the right way!

  1. Start the Application of photos on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Now press the Albums tab at the bottom.

tap the Albums tab

3. Then scroll to Media types heading and select the slow motion option.

Choose Slo-mo

4. Then, select video you want to convert to normal speed video on your iOS device. Then press the Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Press the Edit button

5. Then you should see a cursor with vertical lines basically. Closely placed vertical lines at the right and left ends represent normal speed, while those positioned in the middle with plenty of space between them indicate slow speed.

Convert slow motion videos to normal videos

Now all you need to do to turn that slow motion clip into normal speed video is to tighten the lines. Simply drag the cursor to make sure they are properly placed.

6. Once you have edited the video, you can press the button. Play button to preview it. Ultimately, be sure to press Ended in the lower right corner of the screen to finish.

Tap Done to finish

If you happen to change your mind and turn that video back to a slow motion clip again, just open the video and press the button. Edit button. Then press To recover and choose Revert to the original to confirm.

Revert to the original

Easily convert slow motion video to normal speed video on iOS

It is more or less that ! This is how you can convert any slow motion clip to normal video. Recently, the stock photos app has received many improvements. Besides adding handy video editing tools, cool photo widget and filters, it also improved privacy.

With iOS 14, you can restrict third party access to your photos app. If you want to allow third-party apps to access only selected images and videos, you should use this privacy-centric feature.


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