How the 2021 Champions League final show was done: GeForce RTX graphics cards were key

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The musical spectacle of the end of the Champions League 2021 left no one indifferent, but did you know that it was possible? thanks to GeForce RTX graphics cards from NVIDIA? So that’s it. The Green Giant and MR Factory have shared an interesting video where they tell us all about everything behind the process of creating this show, and the truth is, given the complexity of this project, the result is commendable.

As you might have imagined, one of the most significant issues faced by the MR Factory team was the mobility restrictions, imposed by the pandemic, but also the change of stage a few days before the event. The latter had two important consequences, the first was that all the work done on the previous state was in vain, and ended up being abandoned, and the second is that they had to recreate the new stadium from scratch, which meant a heavy workload that they had to cope with in a limited time.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards have played a key role because, thanks to their power, specialized hardware (tensor cores and RT cores), and next-generation technology and feature set, MR Factory he had everything he needed at his fingertips to be able to meet this important challenge. In this sense, and also because of the limits set by the COVID-19 pandemic, we must recognize the value it has had NVIDIA Omniverse, a 3D collaboration platform that allowed the joint work of several artists from different places.

GeForce RTX and Studio drivers: work and play come together

GeForce RTXs played a key role in the 2021 Champions League

Oscar Olarte, co-founder of MR Factory, commented:

“We can mix real elements and virtual elements in real time. For us, NVIDIA is the fundamental part of our workflow. Thanks to the RNDR platform, we managed to have, in a few hours, what our servers would not deliver in a few weeks ”.

Before finishing I highly recommend don’t miss the second half of the video, because it addresses the issue of the relocation of the workforce and shows, with real cases, the potential that this has so that professionals who have great potential, but who live in remote areas, can work without problem for any business. These professionals also explain to us how the GeForce RTXs have allowed them to develop their work in an optimal way, which, I remind you, is possible thanks to the excellent professional implementation it has through the NVIDIA Studio drivers.

NVIDIA Studio drivers are updated periodically and are a great option for unify work and play on a GeForce RTX, since we can switch between them and Game Ready at any time, and within minutes.

I don’t want to entertain you anymore since finally the real protagonist of this article is the video. Enjoy it.

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