How ESPN created a special graphics package for Monday Night Football featuring Peyton and Eli

ESPN art director Brian Girardin explains how the graphics package was built on a tight deadline

Presented at the Helen Mills Theater in New York on May 24, the SVG Sports Graphics Forum brought together creative and technology leaders behind renowned sports broadcasts for a day of networking, exchanging information and sharing ideas in the rapidly changing world of live sports graphics. In addition to the live event, SVG hosted a special virtual supplement on June 1 as a follow-up to dive deeper into some projects with speakers who were unable to attend the event in New York.

The popular Monday night football With Peyton and Eli – also known as ManningCast – returning this week for the start of his second season.

For ESPN’s graphic design team, creating the graphics package for the high-profile property created a unique challenge both operationally and creatively. Last year, the team had to create an all-new package from scratch on extremely short notice after the Manningcast announced it less than two months before the 2021 NFL season kicked off. Next, ESPN creatives were tasked with providing graphics that were both fun and informative while catering to the show’s “hang out at home” format.

ESPN Art Director Brian Girardin joined SVG virtually to share a behind-the-scenes look at the graphics supporting the Emmy-winning production.

Brian GirardinESPN, artistic director

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