Horizon Forbidden West Blurry Visuals Fix: Pop-in, Performance, Fidelity, Graphics Issues

Players noticed a Forbidden Horizon West issue with blurry visuals, especially with the graphics option in the game’s Performance mode. However, similar issues have also been reported with the fidelity mode. What is the best Horizon Forbidden West graphics mode to choose and is there a way to make these modes look better? Is there a Horizon Forbidden West blurry graphics fix on PS5 and PS4? Here is the essential information.

Is there a fix for blurry visuals in Horizon Forbidden West?

To fix blurry and low resolution graphics in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Head to Game Settings > Visual and change the graphics mode to “favor resolution” instead of “favor performance”. This will reduce the FPS of the game but will be much sharper.
  • If you still experience visual issues such as washed out/blurry in this Fidelity mode, disable HDR in game settings or turn down/disable sharpness in TV visual settings.

The most common occurrence of blurry visuals in Horizon Forbidden West occurs when the game’s Performance mode is enabled. Overall it looks great, but the resolution is a bit lower and there is a bit of motion blur on Aloy itself, even when Motion Blur is disabled in the settings.

Simply change the Performance mode to Fidelity/Resolution mode in the settings to make the game more enjoyable, as long as the player doesn’t care that Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t run as fast or at 60 FPS. That’s the tradeoff, unfortunately.

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