Graphics modes and performance confirmed for Elden Ring on PS5


Elden Ring from FromSoftware will take advantage of the power of the PlayStation 5 by offering two graphics modes. As usual, there is a Performance mode which will work at “up to” 60fps, and a graphics mode which will work, again “up to” 4K with ray tracing.

Here are the specs of all PlayStation versions


Old PS4 Ring
Maximum resolution: up to 1920x1080P
Frame rate: up to 30 FPS
HDR: supported

Elden Ring PS4 Pro
Maximum resolution: up to 3200x1800P
Frame rate: up to 30 FPS
HDR: supported

Old PS5 Ring
Maximum resolution: up to 3840x2160P
Frame rate: up to 60 FPS
HDR: supported
Ray tracing (via patch): supported

15 minutes of Elden Ring gameplay has been released, giving salivating FromSoftware fans a good taste of what to eat in this week’s closed network test.

The test will run from November 12 to 15 and those who want to get involved had to apply a few weeks ago. If you’ve seen this new video and thought, “I want to play this! So I have bad news for you: applications are now closed and the lucky few have been contacted by email.

These times are:

  • Session 1: 12 pm-3pm 12 November 2021 CET
  • Session 2: 04h00-7h00 November 13, 2021 CET
  • Session 3: 8 pm-11pm 13 November 2021 CET
  • Session 4: 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. November 14, 2021 CET
  • Session 5: 04h00-7h00 November 15, 2021 CET

The gameplay video above will surely help to sate some of the pent-up appetite for there to be literally details about the game. A few weeks ago, just before the test was announced, a tiny bit of new gameplay has been leaked on the Internet. Truth be told, it was a waste of everyone’s time. We didn’t see any Elden Ring combat gameplay, story or quest content. Instead, it showed off what are likely early build footage of the player character traveling through the game’s open world.

Ring of Elden: some of the classes available during the test

Elden Ring will be released on February 25, 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This date is a bit later than the January version originally released, but FromSoftware just needed a bit longer to complete its latest title.

Source: PSL


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