God of War Ragnarök: the video analyzes the breathtaking graphics of Sony’s new blockbuster on PS5

With God of War Ragnarök set to release on November 9, another high-profile game of the fall season is fast approaching. While even PS4 owners will be able to enjoy Sony’s latest exclusive title, happy PS5 owners in particular are going to be visually thrilled, as a recently released YouTube video perfectly illustrates. Experts from Digital foundry painstakingly analyzed the graphics of God of War Ragnarök in almost thirty minutes videowhich overall holds a lot of praise for the highly anticipated action title.

In general, Sony’s Santa Monica studio again built on the technically impressive predecessor from 2018, implementing a lot of improvements and improvements. For example, the character models in God of War Ragnarök are even more detailed than before, and the same goes for the lighting effects and reflections in the game. Once again, the PS-exclusive title relies also on a fully seamless cinematic presentation with no distracting loading screens, and the level design once again highlights an incredible attention to detail.

God of War Ragnarök additionally offers a total of six graphics modes on the Sony PS5, which were recently showcased in a nice little preview by the developer. For owners of a modern 4K TV with HDMI 2.1 inputs and VRR support, Digital Foundry recommends using the high frame rate mode, which displays God of War Ragnarök at 1440p resolution and extremely fast. smooth 80-90 fps during combat. The regular 60fps graphics mode on PS5 also seems like an adequate choice as it offers a decent balance between visual fidelity and performance.

For more detailed information on the graphics modes of God of War Ragnarök on PS5, please refer to Digital Foundry’s full analysis, which is also embedded below. Please also note that this video contains some minor spoilers, so purists among gamers may want to wait to watch the video until they’ve experienced the first few hours of Sony’s exhilarating game.

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