Gloria Calderón Kellett Sets Up Adult Animation List With Amazon



Amazon Studios continues to get hot and heavy with adult animation. This year they have a top contender for Best Anime Series of the Year for Invincible after doing it with Fact, and before the fall for Fairfax Coming later this month, they’ve put together a few new adult animation projects in development with Gloria Calderón Kellett:

Based on the graphic novel Mismatched (a modern adaptation of Emma by Jane Austen), Glowing Up is a half-hour adult animated musical series centered on Evan Horowitz, a Latino / Jewish amateur matchmaker and influencer of makeup budding. Evan is an old school romantic who is dedicated to keeping true love trending at his Queens high school – through song, dance, and contoured cheekbones. A great gay musical that emphasizes love and celebrates LGBTQIA + youth.

A half-hour animated comedy series that follows the great power of Ilana Lopez. She’s a 25-year-old artist who runs a hit dating comic titled Sharp Curves following the misadventures of her alter-ego Gabby. Gabby gets too real and is the devil on Ilana’s shoulder in life as well as on the page. When the mother of 49-year-old glamorous divorcee, Ilana, Sofia visits her, she points out that the fictional Gabby is having more fun than Ilana in real life. This gives Ilana and her friends the energy to start a dating club and take their romantic conquests seriously. Inspired by young people, Sofia decides to join her daughter and her friends at the club rendezvous! Adventures and hilarity ensue.


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