Ghibli-Like Yokai Inn Game Reveals Graphic Revamp


Yokai Inn’s graphics refresh was featured in a recent video, which highlights the game’s new art style and new gameplay.

The next Yokai Inn The indie simulation game recently revealed its graphic overhaul in a new trailer. Officially announced at E3 Expo in June 2021 and described as Ghibli style Valley of stars, Yokai Inn is a simulation game where players take shelter in an abandoned and dilapidated inn that comes to life with spirits and monsters after the sun goes down – much like the Studio Ghibli movie Abducted as if by magic. The player then has the option of repairing and managing the Inn by performing activities such as Oven Maintenance, Floor Sweeping, Farming, Cooking, Fishing, Mining, and Crafting. Throughout the journey to develop and expand their hostel, players will be able to interact with the yokai bosses and other NPCs.

Although the game has seen an official reveal, its development has since encountered some issues. After the fans’ confusion between Yokai Inn and another indie game project called Frontier story, Yokai Inn Developer ShibaPixels has promised to change the art style of their game. Both games have a detailed pixel art style and comparisons between the two graphics have been made. ShibaPixels admitted that the art style for Yokai Inn was influenced by Frontier Project and issued an apology for the almost identical graphics.

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A video posted to the Wholesome Games Youtube account now reveals the graphical update of Yokai Inn. The new trailer for the game features its new art style as well as new gameplay. In the trailer, a fox spirit named Kazuya tells the main character to bring a delicious dish to the city’s summer festival. The rest of the trailer shows how the character grows the ingredients for the dish, travels around town by train and rides a deer, and chats with new characters, including one yokai named Mai who wants to go to the festival. At the end of the trailer, the main character is seen with Mai at the summer festival and offering Kazuya their dish of buri daikon.

Based on the graphics presented in the Yokai Inn trailer, the new art style seems almost indistinguishable from its original art style. The changes are subtle, the most obvious involving the main character. Their eyes, clothing, and hairstyle have been altered to look less like the main character in Frontier story. Other differences include small tweaks in NPC designs and the game’s color scheme, which appears to have changed slightly. Maybe more changes will be made, as Yokai Inn still missing a release date.

Regardless of the change in art style, the highlighted gameplay of the trailer looks both fun and enchanting. The dialogue with the various NPCs in the game looks particularly promising. With a bit of luck Yokai Inn may ease the frustration of many players regarding the often boring dialogue with NPCs in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Either way, fans of Japanese folklore and pixelated indie games should stay informed about Yokai Inn’s development.

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