Get started in creative 3D and 2D animation with Recrowdly Animation Studios


Recrowdly creates animated videos for businesses to tell the story of your product or service, educate more customers, and generate more revenue.

Recrowdly is a very exuberant animation studio specializing in video design and production. They believe that every business has a unique story, which helps them connect with people. A human touch never ceases to amaze and to facilitate this connection, Recrowdly tells the unique value of your business through video storytelling. They help you add personalized videos, messages, and graphics that will help you reach and intrigue your prospects about you. They take clips from all over the place of your choice to make a video marketing campaign like no other.

With Recrowdly and its video marketing tools, you can now create videos that will drive conversions and help you better reach your prospects. Their personalized animated videos may include:

1. Fully voiced custom script that directly targets your consumers

2. Custom 2D / 3D assets

3. Actor / actress on screen

4. AI voice over

On top of that, by using their copywriting services, they bring a company’s vision to life. Recrowdly ensures that their output further increases the business conversation rate and conversions for the brand. Their applications include marketing, product tutorial, and branding video. To date, Recrowdly has designed and produced animated videos for hundreds of brands including, but not limited to, boutique design agency Punch, Internet Marketplace RedCloud, and fast fashion brand Pantrei.

The founder of Recrowdly must have said the following when we asked them about the brand:

“As founders, we understand how animation tells the story of your product or service. Nowadays, storytelling is so important to differentiate itself in the client’s mental space. Video stories do just that.

About Recrowdly

Recrowdly is a video marketing company that helps you get the most engagement by using personalized videos for your prospects and incorporating animated gifs into your email outreach campaigns. Their video campaigns are easily integrated into the platform of your choice.

Media contact
Company Name: Recrowdly
Contact: Media relations
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Telephone: +1 734-441-2585
Address:500 Washington Street
City: San Francisco
State: CA 94111
Country: United States

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