Game developers hit back at fans discussing graphics in leaked GTA 6 images

With the internet critics hanging around mindlessly GTA VI early development graphics have unforeseen repercussions.

The only game spanning three console generations, GTA V saw its release nearly a decade ago in 2013, and fans are clamoring for all the info they can get their hands on GTA VIthe final episode of the franchise’s main series.

On September 19, teapotuberhacker, commonly referred to as “Teapot”, was responsible for one of the biggest leaks in recent video game history, where the hacker released over 90 videos of the GTA VI early stages of development at the GTAForums.

Besides the outcry and serious lawsuits from Rockstar Games involving the FBI, netizens had quite a few comments to make about the first impressions the game gave to the curious. One of the main concerns was the below average graphics and overall visuals that were present in all the leaked images of GTA VI.

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A tweet from @Design4Mind317, whose account has since been made private, sparked a veritable keyboard storm on Twitter and the internet in general.

Screenshot via Twitter

“If you know how a game’s development goes, you’ll know that visuals are one of the first things to go,” the modest Twitter user said, not knowing the outrage he was on. the point of provoking. After more supposed misinformation, he ends the tweet by saying “sounds stupid”.

Offended game developers around the world, both big names and small independent developers, began to double down on what was said by this and a few other similar tweets, crudely quoting the review in question and proving to game developers salon people around the world why they should think twice before speaking.

One tweet that really took off was from the 2019 hit Controls lead designer, Paul Ehreth, who was largely responsible for the game which won several awards for its visuals.

“The best thing to take from all this nonsense is the realization that every game, no matter how good, starts out as a piece of junk,” Ehreth explained in the following tweet. “It’s all the years of hard work by the team, building it and perfecting it, that makes it great.”

Other notable industry figures like Sam Barlow, director of the visually stunning 2022 release Immortalityand Worship of the Lamb the official Twitter handle shared his own games and what they looked like during the early stages of development.

Hell has no fury like a game developer’s contempt, apparently.

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