Foliage shoots from four imaginative clay illustrations by Irma Gruenholz

Artistic illustrations

#ceramic #leaves #nature #sculpture

December 15, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Irma Gruenholz, shared with permission

It’s easy to be wrong Irma GruenholzWhimsical ceramic figurines for two-dimensional illustrations. The Madrid-based artist (formerly) is known for her sculptures and clay still lifes that resemble graphics and flat drawings, though her works require precise positioning and photography before being printed into the pages of ‘a magazine or children’s book.

In addition to working on commissions for major publications and brands in recent years, Gruenholz’s most recent projects include four imaginative figures tattooed with foliage and growing leafy branches from their heads. “During the Covid containment, I had time to reflect and realize how important it is to respect your internal rhythm when creating,” she says. “I think there has to be another way to live, a slow life, good for people and good for the planet.”

Head toward Behance and Instagram to gain insight into the process behind these fantastic figures and to explore a larger archive of the artist’s illustrative work.

#ceramic #leaves #nature #sculpture

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