Florida’s GwalaBoy Phlyy Continues To Rule In ‘Heavy Motion’ Video

GwalaBoy Phlyy, an up-and-coming band from North Miami, is a driven multiplayer with a buzz become colossal album campaign, keeping the momentum going with the release of the project’s latest track in the new “Heavy Motion” album music video. A boastful track, in the visual, GwalaBoy Phlyy rolls around town in the big boy drops, the freshest designer fabrics and big bags of money – to show fans his way of life. Made by Ntro4k Studios, the visual for “Heavy Motion” finds the Florida-based rap act practicing what he preaches. It’s the perfect formal introduction for new fans.

become colossal is an 8-song project led by Roc Nation’s Bobby Fishscale collaboration, “Cartier”. And with success, the project comes up with a list of notable acts worth watching as FG Famous. “Heavy Motion” and “Cartier” join other breakout cuts, like “Smoke” and “Mr. Frost.” The full album is now available through GwalaBoy Music LLC.

“Heavy Motion” is one of the hottest songs on the Florida Hip Hop music landscape today and is expected to make GwalaBoy one of the hottest new artists in hip hop today. For more from GwalaBoy Phlyy, follow the new star on social media.

Watch “Heavy Move” below.

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