Feel the lure of the slow life with thoughtful illustrations by Morgane Fadanelli

Is there a better feeling than flipping through a coloring book filled in perfectly within the lines? This soothing satisfaction is exactly the feeling one would expect when perusing the work of Lyon-based illustrator Morgane Fadanelli. Of course, Morgane’s work goes beyond the meditative practice of coloring books – although the illustrator once wanted to pursue a somewhat related career as a student: working on children’s books.

Since then, the illustrator has ventured into other fields. Today, Morgane is “happy to explore the diversity of projects that illustration has to offer”, creating editorial work for French magazines like mint and, more recently, illustrations for pride month appearing on the other side of the tramway in Lyon. If you return to Morgane’s work regularly – as we have for the past few months – one thing you may notice is an unmistakable use of texture. While the linework remains uniform, stable, and largely geometric, the hues between them are pleasingly speckled, almost tea-stained in spots.

According to Morgane, this signature style is best achieved with liquid ink. Breaking things down a bit further, Morgane says: “I always start a new painting by sketching out my ideas on paper which I will clean up and use as a base for the painting (I use a light table to [avoid] pencil marks and preserving the gesture). From then on, the process borrows the benefits of the digital world, but only to further elevate the analog aesthetic. “I do a quick color search in Photoshop to explore the possibility of what I have in mind,” Morgane explains. “When I find the color palette, I’ll start by painting the lighter colors, then I’ll add the darker ones and the details.”

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