Fans are moved at Disney’s first animation featuring a plus-size heroine struggling with body image

We recently reported on Walt Disney Animation Studios Short circuit: Experimental films, exclusively on Disney+. In this two-season series, Disney animators present and realize their dream ideas for Disney animated shorts.

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“If you could tell any story with the talented team of artists at Walt Disney Animation Studios, what would you create?” asks the series. In the second season, we are introduced to Hillary Bradfield, who chose to direct Reflect.

Credit: Disney

Reflect centers on Bianca, a young plus-size ballerina who struggles with her body image but ends up struggling against her reflection to see herself as the confident, beautiful dancer she’s always been.

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Bradfield drew on her own experience to create this short film. “I feel like a very body-positive person in principle, but when it’s on a personal level, it’s a lot harder to be body-positive,” Bradfield said.

Bianca dances amidst a brilliant purple/blue tune.
Credit: Disney

Many fans felt the same and became emotional upon seeing themselves portrayed in The Walt Disney Company short. From @EightEigthsSan:

#ShortCircuit Season 2, Episode 6. “Reflect” was so moving and beautiful. brought me back to my own epiphany at the helm. must watch on disney plus

“Well done,” said @Jane52W03:

New character Bianca in disney+ short film titled ‘ Reflect about body image and acceptance. Kudos to @DisneyPlus

Models of Diversity, an organization that advocates for diverse representation in the modeling industry, also praised the short:

Disney has created a powerful short film about body dysmorphia. titled Reflect. It follows the story of a young ballet dancer who battles her own thinking, overcomes doubt and fear by channeling her inner strength and power and that’s exactly what kids need to see.

“A ballet dancer battles her own self-reflection, overcoming doubt and fear by channeling her inner strength, grace and power,” reads the official description of the Reflect, streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.

Have you seen Reflect on Disney+?

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