Exclusive clip: “The Addams Family 2 – Courage to Be Kooky: Outsiders”

AWN received an exclusive clip from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment’s upcoming release from The Addams Family 2, coming to Blu-ray and DVD on January 18. So once again, get ready for more snaps!

In the clip Courage to be crazy: strangers, voices of actors Oscar Isaac (Gomez), Chloë Grace Moretz (Wednesday), Nick Kroll (Fester), Bill Hader (Cyrus) and director / producer Conrad Vernon reflect on what it’s like to be an ‘alien “.

Filled with family laughs and scary hijinks, The Addams Family 2 Blu-ray, DVD and digital output (digital now available) is packed with all-new exclusive bonus features, including a road trip checklist and features with the cast and crew, taking audiences behind the scenes of the wonderfully bizarre world of the Addams Family.

In the film, the Addams family matriarch and patriarch Morticia and Gomez, distraught that their children are growing up, skip family dinners and are totally absorbed in the “time to scream”, cram Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and the crew in their rather unique weird motorhome, and hit the road to reconnect. Send them across America; include several run-ins with its iconic cousin It. What could go wrong?

Directed by returning directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, the CG animated film stars Charlize Theron (Morticia); Oscar Isaac (Gomez); Chloë Grace Moretz (Wednesday); Nick Kroll (Fester); Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton (Pugsley); Bette Midler (grandmother); Snoop Dogg (He); and Bill Hader (Cyrus).

Bonus features exclusive to Blu-Ray and DVD:

  • We are quite Addams: meet the people behind the voices.
  • Courage to be crazy: find out why it’s okay to be different (even crazy) with a little help from the cast.
  • The Addams Family Road Trip Checklist: In this ‘How To’ tile, viewers will find everything they need for a successful road trip with the family.

Produced by Vernon, Gail Berman and Alison O’Brien, the film is produced by Kevin Miserocchi, Jonathan Glickman, Cassidy Lange, Aaron L. Gilbert and Jason Cloth.

Source: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

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