Encanto 2? How It’s Set To Be Disney’s Next Big Animation Franchise

Encanto is Disney’s latest animated hit, and it has everything it needs to become Mouse House’s next big animation franchise. Walt Disney Pictures has explored different genres for decades, always with a family approach, but it continues to be best known for its animated films. Disney continues to be a powerhouse in the animation world, bringing out at least one animated movie every year, and in 2021 it had two big releases: Raya and the last dragon and Encantoand the latter became a huge hit.

Directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, Encanto takes viewers to Colombia to meet the Madrigal family. Years ago, Alma Madrigal aka Abuela (María Cecilia Botero) and her husband Pedro were forced to flee a village with their baby triplets due to an armed conflict. Pedro was unsuccessful, but Alma obtained a miracle and her candle attained magical qualities, building a sentient house (Casita) for her and her children and a magical kingdom around her. The candle continued to protect them and the city for decades, and it also granted every descendant of Madrigal a magical gift – with the exception of Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). This caused her to feel left out of the family, but when Casita begins to break down and everyone’s powers begin to weaken, Mirabel sets out to save the miracle, her family, and the entire town.


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Encanto got a limited theatrical release before being sent to Disney+, and it became a big hit, going viral on social media, and the soundtrack, especially the song “We’re Not Talking About Bruno”, beating records. Although no sequel has been announced, Encanto is already set to be Disney’s next big animation franchise, with the potential to expand into other media.

Disney has suggested Encanto is a new franchise

Everything we know about disneys Encanto

In recent years, Disney has released animated films that have served as standalone films, such as Forward and Raya and the last dragonand while Encanto seemed to follow the same line, it could be on its way to becoming a franchise. Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke about Encanto as a franchise while talking about The Walt Disney Company’s good start to the year. Encanto could be set to be more than one movie, getting not just a sequel (or more), but also TV shows and other media to expand the Madrigal family story.

Why Encanto 2 and Other Sequels Are So Likely

The Madrigals in Encanto.

Although it was released during the coronavirus pandemic, Encanto got a theatrical release, albeit short. Encanto was released in November 2021 and was only in cinemas for 30 days before being sent to Disney+ (but not on Premier Access, like other films), and even though it flew under the radar while he was in theaters, he found his audience on Disney+. Encanto underperformed in theaters, but it arrived on Disney+ on December 24, just in time for the holidays and it finally took off. Encanto continues to be a popular title on the platform and has gone viral on social media, particularly on TikTok, with a number of videos analyzing the film, sharing Easter eggs and even recreating some of the moments and musical numbers the most memorable of the film.

Most Disney animated movies include at least one song that ends up sticking in viewers’ heads for weeks, but Encanto really took everyone by surprise with its soundtrack. The movie’s original songs were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, so with that in mind, it’s not that surprising that the soundtrack to Encanto went viral, but there’s one song in particular that’s breaking records: “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” The song topped the Billboard charts for weeks and continues to be sung by viewers around the world, and of course, it has also gone viral on social media. On top of that, Bush and Castro Smith have expressed interest in a possible Disney+ series, with Lin-Manuel Miranda interested in a Dolores show. Encantothe success of in the streaming world, the social media response, and the impact of the story, characters, and soundtrack make a sequel (and other media) likely, so it should come as no surprise that Chapek already refers to Encanto in franchise.

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How Encanto 2’s Story Was Set Up By The First Movie

Encanto told a full story and gave its characters a fitting and satisfying ending, but it left some loose ends that should be ironed out in a sequel. Encanto left the big question of whether Mirabel now has a gift or not, whether she had a secret one all along, and whether she’s supposed to take Abuela’s place as the matriarch of the family, and with so many members family, there’s plenty to explore in a suite and more. There are also some mysteries surrounding the candle and the miracle itself, such as why Abuela got the miracle in the first place, whether it’s the candle or the house (or maybe even Abuela herself) that gives their powers to Madrigals, and whether there are any criteria when granting these gifts, such as a defining trait in each Madrigal member or if they are simply chosen at random.

Encanto is one of those rare Disney animated films without an actual villain, so a sequel could introduce a new threat that can serve as a villain, and through them some of the mysteries above could be solved. Encanto works as a standalone movie as it tells a full story and each Madrigal member’s story has an ending, but it can also benefit from a sequel which can expand on the family history, the origin of the miracle, the powers of each character, the city itself, and more.

Why Encanto 2 is so exciting

Encanto family photo with Bruno Seeing Visions

Encanto was praised for its story, emotional impact, cultural fidelity, characters, music, and the animation itself, and many pointed to its concepts of magical realism and transgenerational trauma as some of the film’s strengths – though Encanto 2 can match this quality or even surpass it, it will certainly be a success and could make way for the rest of the franchise, like the TV series mentioned above. Of course, the most exciting thing about a potential Encanto 2 those are the possibilities for the characters, as it can add more depth to certain areas, especially Bruno (voiced by John Leguizamo). Mirabel’s uncle was a “banned” name around the Madrigal house as he had abandoned the family, but Bruno turned out to be the big twist in the story, as he never left and had lived in the house walls. Bruno ended up being one of the most intriguing and lovable characters in Encantobut the movie didn’t have enough time to really explore the character – but a sequel certainly can.

Encanto definitely has the potential to create a franchise, but for that to work the sequel would have to have an engaging and charming story that won’t detract from the original and expand the story of Mirabel and the Madrigals, but like any other successful project , Disney must be careful not to oversaturate the public with and thus ruin not only the future of Encanto but also the original film.

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