EA patent uses spatial partitioning for improved graphics rendering

electronic arts appears to be working on a new type of rendering technology that would use spatial partitioning to compensate for and reduce the hardware load on gaming devices. The popular game publisher and developer submitted a slew of key patent listings during 2022, some of which have the potential to drastically improve EA’s games across the board, though needless to say, it takes time for a patented solution. be fully developed.


To know, electronic arts is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the gaming industry, and its R&D departments have come up with a number of cool features that the company has ended up patenting. From hacking countermeasures to input lag reduction systems, 2022 has been particularly exciting when it comes to EA’s patent submissions, and the latest list is no different.

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Arrives a few months later EA has patented its input lag compensation feature, the company now seems to be looking at ways to revolutionize real-time graphics rendering by compartmentalizing the hardware visualization load. His latest patent submission exploits the spatial partitioning method to divide the game world into disparate zones, each of which is then easier to load and render in real time since the hardware in question no longer needs to manage the whole. of the game world at all times. once. The description clarifies that this would be accomplished through the use of dynamic reverse tree generation, letting the PC or console know what needs to be loaded at any given time.

Using spatial partitioning, EA’s development teams could, hypothetically, create massive sandbox games such as the elegant Unlimited Speed ​​Need without overloading PCs and consoles. In turn, this could lead to larger and more complex game worlds or, perhaps, substantial visual improvements, depending on the developers’ preference. Of course, the exact extent of these optimizations still remains to be seen in a practical implementation.

It’s not hard to imagine that spatial partitioning could also be used for games such as dead space Remake to further improve player immersion throughout the experience. Players could perhaps get even fewer loading screens and fewer gameplay distractions, though it’s worth pointing out that the upcoming remake of dead space has seamless loading already.

EA recently patented a new fraud detection system, too, which features a new way to crack down on cheats and other malicious elements in games. The company has been as forward-thinking as ever during 2022, though it’s still worth pointing out that a patent listing doesn’t necessarily mean anything will definitely materialize from the submission. It remains to be seen how EA will end up using these features, and it could very well take the company’s developers years to start implementing them at a steady pace.

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