Dragon Ball’s Krillin proves his power in jaw-dropping stop-motion video

Krillin is an underrated fighter in the Dragon Ball universe, and now in a wildly creative stop-motion video of him, his power is unleashed!

In the world of dragonballGoku’s best friend Krillinis one of the most powerful original members of the Z Warriors (Super Saiyans excluded), and now in a stunning fan-made stop-motion video, Krillin is finally getting the respect he deserves for his powerful fighting skills !

Directed by the creative mind of @shinohara_kenta and shared via his Twitter account, this stop-motion short is a masterclass in marrying nerd culture with a kind of artistic ability that has to be seen to be believed. An account that posts various stop-motion videos related to anime, manga, and video games, with @shinohara_kenta drawing attention to Krillin’s Underrated Power is a treat for fans of the character to behold, especially in how buttery smooth he drives said power.


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Known for his loyalty and willingness to jump into the fray despite often insurmountable odds, Krillin is a kind and funny guy who takes his training seriously and his shared interest with Master Roshi in risque nudity magazines. Finally, with Android 18, Krillin is still available if Goku and his friends need him, with this video focusing on a version of the character that involves getting down and dirty in a fight.

A short 16 second clip with over a million views and counting, the attention to animation in this video becomes immediately evident as the incredibly smooth and detailed motion adds a sense of lifelike momentum and wonder. to the Krillin figure that @shinohara_kenta uses. Showing Krillin as he goes through some sort of routine that reminds fans of just how practiced he is in his fighting practices, the video ends with a surprise Kamehameha outburst that Krillin fires directly at the screen, ending the music video. in a truly spectacular and explosive way.

A character that dates back to original dragonball series, Krillin – much like most non-Saiyan/Namekian Z warriors – have been more or less sidelined for years as Goku and Vegeta rise to godlike levels of power. But by taking Krillin back to his martial art roots, @shinohara_kenta presents Krillin in his element where his combat prowess speaks for itself.

Stop-motion is a meticulous and difficult art form for anyone to pull off, but with @shinohara_kenta at the helm, it makes it look easy. And while Krillin often receives much less respect than he deserves, this video showing off his gentle martial arts skills culminating in a stylized burst of energy worthy of goku proves he’s a badass dragonball fighter still to note.

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