DIY “GVS” shocks your nerves to simulate gaming movement [VIDEO]



We’ve seen a wide range of wacky gaming devices over the years, but this one is certainly unique. Rather than a big VR simulator or a motion platform like you would see in arcades, it’s a little more… raw. Mean Gene Hacks decided that instead of piloting actuators, they would just plug electrodes into their body and electrocute themselves using a GVS device … it worked, but we still don’t recommend it. .

The video below shows how he used on PC to operate his mitigated torture device. He’s created his own “vestibular galvanic stimulation” (GVS) device for less than $ 50, which really looks like good value for money. Using electrodes attached to the nerves in your ears, the device is intended to help you with your balance. However, if you are already in balance, you can play with it to simulate the feeling that you are moving in one direction or another; just what I needed, motion sickness from my own couch!

DIY GVS shocks your nerves to simulate gaming movement [VIDEO]

The game sends physical data to its custom software, which then transmits the signals to the GVS device and the electrodes on its head. It sounds complicated and dangerous, but hey, it seems to work pretty well and safely. But, of course, it’s not movement the body, to the extent that it tells your brain that you are moving, so your instinct is to bend down to counter the movement.

DIY GVS shocks your nerves to simulate gaming movement [VIDEO]

Want to plug your head into your computer? Mean Gene Hacks has the source code and PCB schematics here, if you’re feeling really bored this week, it’s something you should do.


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