Deerhoof Announces New Album, Shares Stop-Motion Video For New Song “Department of Corrections”


Deerhoof Announces New Album, Shares Stop-Motion Video For New Song “Department of Corrections”

In fact, you can Released on October 22 via Joyful Noise

Jul 21, 2021

Photography by Jess Joy

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Deerhoof has announced a new album, In fact, you can, and shared his first single, “Department of Corrections”, via a fun animated stop-motion video. In fact, you can will be released on October 22 via Joyful Noise (which is also a good description of the new song). Jess Joy directed the “Department of Corrections” video, which features cut-out versions of the band in famous paintings with religious themes as singer Satomi Matsuzaki sings “you turn my water into wine”. Watch it below, followed by the tracklist and album art.

In fact, you can is the eighteenth album from the “Prolific Earth-Based Band” as described in a press release (as opposed to all those great Jupiter and Venus bands we’ve been writing about recently). The press release says In fact, you can finds Deerhoof “using their agility, wit, and madness to create a new language of shared revolution, fueled by lyrical mazes and scathing melodies.” Seems pretty much normal for a Deerhoof album then. The album is also described as “a great throwback to biblical references ironically set to frenzied noise rock, as heard on their groundbreaking series of LPs, Awakening, Apple O ‘, and The four runners. “

The group (Satomi Matsuzaki, Ed Rodriguez, John Dieterich and Greg Saunier) produced the album themselves. They collectively had this to say about it in the press release: “Think about all the beauty, positivity, and love that is deemed ugly, negative and hateful by the self-proclaimed gatekeepers of ‘common sense’. We would not be destroying society by dismantling their colonial economy and their prisons, their gender roles and their aesthetics. We would create it! ”

The group says that “Department of Corrections” is about “all of the wonderful mysteries in life that don’t add up on a ledger sheet or not appear in an AI algorithm. It is about Judas who becomes electric. It’s about how the human species itself makes no sense without a planet to live on. As we are far more numerous than our future masters if only we could organize ourselves. “

Director Jess Joy adds, “The video rhetorically challenges authority. Who runs the show? A dying sun? Mushrooms? As we ask ourselves why we are putting limits on our freedom, we realize that the people we have charged do not know either. ”

In 2020, Deerhoof released several releases, including their latest regular studio album (Future teenage rock artists), a live album (To be surrounded by beautiful, curious, breathing and laughing flesh is enough), and an ambitious cover album containing 43 songs in just 35 minutes and free to download (Love-Lore).

Read our 2020 interview with the band.

In fact, you can List of tracks:

1. Be without bars, oh gates of hell
2. Correctional service
3. We grew up and we were amazed
4. Rarity is manufactured
5. Ancient mysteries, described
6. Plant thief
7. Our philosophy is a fiction
8. Epic love poem
9. Divine Comedy

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