DC Universe Online to Receive Graphics Upgrade in 2023

According to a recent financial report, developer Dimensional Ink is currently working on a graphics upgrade for the hit MMO DC Universe Online.

The Beloved Superhero MMO DC Universe Online will receive a major graphics update in the near future.

Revealed in a third quarter financial report for video game holding company EG7, developer Dimensional Ink is currently working on an update that will revise the graphics of DC Universe Online. While little information is provided on what kind of improvements players can expect, the patch is expected to arrive at some point in 2023. A native version of DC Universe Online was confirmed to be in development for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S in early 2021, leading many fans to believe that the update would be released in the near future.

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Beyond the graphics upgrade, the slide also confirmed that fans of DC Universe Online can expect the game’s “most significant expansion content to date” to arrive in 2023 as well. There is never any mention of what gamers can expect from this update, but given the hardware source and the story of the game, it will likely focus on one big pivotal event in DC Comic’s Hall of Fame.

Along with new information about DC Universe Online, EG7 also opened the curtain on several other projects in development. Lord of the Rings Online is also expected to receive a “major overhaul” that “will upgrade the visuals, modernize the experience, and release on consoles” at some point in the future. He also confirmed that Dimensional Ink is working on a new MMORPG in the Marvel Universe. The project is currently led by Jack Emmert, who designed and led development on City of Heroes.

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If you prefer not to wait more than a year for DC Universe Online to receive its visual refresh, you should check Marvel Future Revolution. The mobile action RPG features a large roster of Marvel heroes, including Iron Man, Storm, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Star-Lord. Players are tasked with protecting the universe from an event known as Convergence. To do this, they will have to defeat hordes of villains and gain powerful equipment. The game is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

If you prefer something on console or PC, you can dive into Marvel’s Avengers. Despite the game’s difficult launch and sometimes controversial design choices, it has grown into an RPG enjoyed by many devoted fans. Spider-Man is coming Marvel’s Avengers in the latest game update, which will be released on November 30. Unfortunately, Spidey will only be available to players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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