David Shrigley brings his colorful illustrations to the world of CASETiFY



The British visual artist brings his colorful illustrations to the world of the tech brand.

Now that we don’t have to rely on a weekly shop to delay our post-containment wardrobe anymore, it’s probably time to think about the rest of the package as well. New bags, new shoes, jewelry and all that is good, but what we think about is much more important, and in fact, probably the ultimate form of expression – phone cases!

CASETiFY has long been the hotspot for all of the best coats for our mobile devices, teaming up with The Louvre, Epic Games and streetwear favorites Carrots in recent months, but it’s their new venture that we’re most obsessed with.

Presenting CASETiFY x David Shrigley, the Cheshire-born artist is 100% the perfect fit for such a monumental collaboration, having impressed us with his stunning graphics for over three decades now. Shrigley himself has worked hard to create all kinds of satirical illustrations and custom graphic prints for the occasion, adopting slogans like “Fashion is Stupid” (ouch!), “It’s your fault” and, our favorite – “Be nice”. , in over 10 colorful designs.

Many works of art are the artist’s never-before-seen pieces, offered to customers in a range of customizable accessories, including cases, heavy-duty canvases, Apple Watch straps, wireless chargers, and shoulder bags. light. And let’s be real, nothing says “touch it, bitch!” More than a CASETiFY x David Shrigley laptop case with the words “Hands off my stuff” on the front.

Ranging from $ 40 to $ 199, the CASETiFY x David Shrigley collection goes on sale May 25, with select creations previewing at CASETiFY Studio. Find out more here.


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