Dana Gavanski Shares Stop-Motion Video For New Dream Single “I Kiss The Night”

Dana Gavanski has shared a captivating stop-motion video for her new track, “I Kiss The Night.”

The single comes from Gavanski’s upcoming album, when it comes, out April 29 via Flemish Eye. “I Kiss The Night” is a dreamy piano song that Gavanski wrote while sitting in her friend’s Montreal apartment. Directed by Gaia Alari, the accompanying video is made up of 1,700 hand-drawn images, with the end result being around 12 drawings per second.

“The soothing nocturnal atmospheres evoked by Dana’s song made me design a video treatment that aims to represent a dreamscape, or, more precisely, the moment of sleepiness that occurs just before falling asleep,” says Alari about the video “I Kiss The Night”. . “Entering through the door to the liminal space between awake and asleep, the character erases the outside world and enters his brain, experiencing a maze of overlapping visions, distorted self-perception, time and space, of intrusive thoughts that range from the playful – from bizarre and eerie sequences to reassuring memories, in the attempt to fall asleep and finally close the door.

Watch the video for “I Kiss The Night” below.

“It’s an ode to the night, learning to rely on its magic and the dread of loneliness in a winter storm,” adds Gavanski.

In addition to “I kiss the night”, when it comes features the singles “Under The Sky” and “Indigo Highway”.

Discover the tracklist of when it comes below or pre-order the album here.

when it comes List of tracks:

01 – “I kiss the night”
02 – “Bend and Fall”
03 – “Let Go”
04 – “Under the Sky”
05 – “The Day Unfolds”
06 – “Indigo Highway”
07 – “Lisa”
08 – “The Grim Reaper”
09 – “Knowing how to trust”

“In many ways, this record feels like my first,” says Dana Gavanski. “When I could use my voice, I had to focus so there was an urgency and a greater emotional trajectory than before…it’s very much related to the vocal presence, which extended to an existential questioning of my relationship to the music. It sometimes felt like a battle, which I often lost.

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