Cuphead fan makes adorable stop-motion video

Cuphead, StudioMDHR’s 2017 gun race and fun, just received an incredible fan-made stop-motion animated video – and the studio called it “amazing.”

The video, which you can check out below, was created by David Garcia (on YouTube, Davy Productions) and features a fan-made episode in the still raging Little Goblet Battles against Monsters and Bosses. It’s called Cuphead: Chaotic Casino and the user comes up with a description of the events: souls.

“Struck by the stress of their souls in danger, they must fight to save their souls from the Devil himself! This game is going to get hot! The description says – and the video is indeed as action-packed as one would expect from the game. We see the two brave ships take on the Devil, blasting his buddies with their fingertips, sending him back. finally in the Cuphead figure box where it came from.

The creator says he used McFarlane Toys’ Cuphead construction sets to do the stop-motion animation, and that it took about four months to complete. Watch the video below – the results are impressive and adorable in equal measure I’m sure you will agree.

It looks like the Cuphead developer was in awe of the video as well, posting on Twitter, “Words can hardly describe our reaction when we saw this amazing video of David Garcia” alongside the video, and calling it “a must see. !

If you’re anxious to see more, it looks like Garcia has some plans to do: “I’m now working on a new project that I’m happy with so far and have some new ideas for videos in the works, so I’m working on a new project. ‘Hope you guys are excited about the future,’ he said.

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