Crazy Cool and Strange 1565 “Demon Doodles” Woodcut Illustrations — GeekTyrant

Here’s a cool video that explores a collection of fascinating and bizarre woodcut illustrations from the 1565 publication “The Drotic Dreams of Pantagruel”. The “demon doodle” art collection is explored by darks researcher Hochelaga and I love those crazy character visuals! Here are the details that were shared with the video:

The Drolatic Dreams of Pantagruel is a collection of 120 bizarre “demonic doodles”. Many of these monsters are comical, striking absurd and amusing poses. Others are a bit more disturbing, with unnerving expressions and hollow, emotionless faces. These sketches are so fantastically bizarre: they draw on the disturbing art of Hieronymous Bosch and the grotesque monsters of medieval manuscripts.

Curiously, there are no words to accompany these drawings, so we are left to guess their meaning. I suspect that beneath these whimsical sketches lurk hidden messages that poke fun at the powers that be. Hidden jokes at the expense of the nobility and the Catholic Church. While I’ve tried to explain the meaning of some, I’m at a loss for words with most others…but it’s fun to guess!

The artist behind these 120 fantastically bizarre illustrations is unknown, but believed to be François Deprez. I enjoy the creative and wild style of these and some of them are also quite terrifying. They also offer social commentary of the time they were created.

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