Costa Rica’s illustrations have broken boundaries with Costa Rica’s bicentennial


It was born from the inventiveness of young artist Manuela Cornik, known as Watermanola, who saw digital art as its creative outlet in the face of the restrictions of the pandemic.

“I set out to create a modern artistic identity, something with which any Grenier could feel identified and recognized, and which in addition they could obtain with the peace of mind that they support the small local creators. and promote the internal economy. The traditions and cultural imprints we have are few or have been lost over the years, so why not start a new one? What we consider traditional and historic today was in its new moment, ”commented Cornick while discussing his designs.

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Art has broken boundaries

This combination of textures, shapes and colors was selected by promoter Mares Azules, a company that saw it as a way of combining nature with technology and the centuries-old presence of these species with today’s youth.

In addition, they were part of the bicentennial celebration of EPA Hardware. For the company, he entrusted six illustrations that were distributed in the form of puzzles made by artisans from the Carpio community, in its stores in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

In addition to the sloth bear, the artist has made illustrations of the jaguar, the hummingbird, the crocodile, the lizard, the turtle, the frog, the toucan, the morpho butterfly, the quetzal, the madman, the dragonfly, damselfly and scorpion. , as part of this first stage of Fauna Tica.

From song, music and dance, due to a pandemic, to graphic design

The Costa Rican artist has a passion for song, theater and dance, but, with the pandemic, she had to focus her creative streak on artistic expressions that didn’t require a face-to-face audience.

This is how this little graphic adventure began. “I consider myself to be a multifaceted artist. I do a bit of everything, even if what fascinated me the most is the performing arts; The Covid arrived and told the world no, bye art in the community, and we had to put some distance. The trap took away my creative outlet, and in return it gave me a lot of time that I didn’t know how to complete, which was when my mom identified some of my Costa Rican wildlife inspired designs and told me. said she could help me expose them and potentially market them and I accepted the proposal, ”said Cornick.

For the artist, filling the time with a specific project, how to start a business, seemed ideal because it gave him creative freedom and at the same time a certain structure. “The idea was born with my creations, but luckily I also have people who believe in me and in my work, and have helped me in communication, in finding suppliers, in developing concepts and ideas, in identifying clients and many other things, ”said the designer.

Currently, Cornick is pursuing an acting career at Elon University in North Carolina, USA, where he is saving hours from his intense study program, to continue creating new illustrations for Mares Azules.

Moving to the remote working range
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