Brindha Kumar on her otherworldly illustrations for Porsche

Completely distinct from the minimal, clean-lined aesthetic of motor vehicle advertisements we’re used to, Brindha’s illustrations pay homage to the intricate technical workings of the new and old Porsche models she researched for the project. Transporting these mechanical explorations into a surreal, geometric world, Brindha aimed “to take the viewer to a striking and somewhat unusual place” while maintaining a design “pleasantly steeped in tradition”.

For commercial projects like these, the illustrator works primarily with digital software. But for personal projects, his process is more “visceral and sporadic, with an array of techniques and mediums equally deployed.” Discovering an intriguing range of Japanese imagery while researching a recent commission, Brindha recently embarked on a personal project focusing on vintage Japanese toys. “The interesting characters on display in these vintage toys are totally my style,” she tells us. Experimenting with these characters and shapes, the series is an ode to the clean lines, geometric shapes and cheerful colors that define Brindha’s illustrative style. “They basically make me smile,” she concludes. “I hoped to extend a similar joy outdoors with my performances.”

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