Bold animal portraits emerge from ornamental backdrops in YoAz digital artwork




#animals #digital #pattern #portraits

February 4, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © YoAz, shared with permission

In YoAz‘s Ornamental animals, vibrant portraits of lions, gorillas and other large mammals emerge from an expanse of decorative flourishes. The new series uses a consistent ornate pattern in every room, with each creature’s faces outlined in saturated tones that contrast against the otherwise pastel backdrop. The Paris-based illustrator and graphic designer shares that for digital portraits, he focuses on three colors that vary in shade, using one to emphasize the face, a brighter shade to add density and movement, and another to intensify the individual characteristics of the animal.

Prints of YoAz illustrations are available from Company6, and you can find an extensive collection of his work at Behance and Instagram.

#animals #digital #pattern #portraits

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