Bloodborne demake with PS1 graphics is already dated and will be free for everyone


What a Halloween surprise! Last night of the dead, Lilith walther and Corwyn Prichard they announced that el demake of Bloodborne it’s pretty much done and they plan to launch it next January 31, 2022. Also, according to Kotaku, who met the creators earlier this year, the project it will be free for everyone and everyone can benefit from this particular return to Yharnam. And in case anyone is still wondering what a “demake” is, it’s no more and no less about recreating what a current video game would look like on older consoles. In this specific case, the objective was always make From Software’s masterpiece look like a 1996 game, as if it had been released on the first PlayStation.

We want more blood

It’s curious that, more than six years after its launch (in March 2015), Bloodborne continues to be talked about, for good and for bad. On the one hand, a hypothetical sequence appeared to be in danger following the controversial restructuring of Japan Studio (which collaborated with From Software on the game) and farewells to Sony from several of its top producers (such as Teruyuki Toruyama and Masaaki Yamagiwa). But on the other hand, the opposite has happened, the statements of the Japanese company invite us to optimism, since it has been recognized that the game has exceeded expectations, it has become most played on PS Now in the spring of 2021 (we repeat, more than five years after its premiere) and rumors of a setup for PS5 have not stopped happening.

Of which there is no doubt that the title occupies a very special place in the memory of the community And until we know if the saga has a future or not, between this Bloodborne demake and the next Elden Ring, we are not badly served either.


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