BetQL network partners with Flowics for the integration of graphical data and live sports betting


NEW YORK – October 12, 2021 – Flowics, creator of the most comprehensive platform to power remote and studio production of live graphics and interactive content, today announced that BetQL Network, a linear live digital channel, has selected Flowics to fast and scalable integration of data and graphics. for its new live sports betting shows broadcast on Twitch, YouTube and the digital platforms Audacy and BetQL.

The Flowics platform is modular and allows producers and in-house graphics departments to create and integrate graphics and audience participation into any workflow. The BetQL network has implemented the Flowics Graphics module and Flowics Sportradar data connectors in its workflow. The graphics module enables network producers and graphic designers to quickly create cloud-based HTML5 graphics for their digital broadcasts on Twitch, while the Sportradar data connector feeds Sportradar live betting data from multiple sportsbook and live sports statistics in the Flowics graphics engine.

Native integration of Sportradar APIs into Flowics eliminates any need for custom development and ignores the complexity of data flows, which is handled internally by the Flowics External Connectors architecture. The combination means that the BetQL Network can show its viewers clear and up-to-date odds and probabilities that help them make betting decisions.

Unlike traditional graphics solutions, the cloud-based Flowics platform allowed the BetQL network to start up and run quickly, with the flexibility to manage graphics within a distributed team in a scalable way. The BetQL network also benefits from remote production support and out-of-the-box data integrations.

“By working closely with Flowics, we were able to deploy something really new, innovative and bespoke,” said Andrew Stelle, Director of Studio Operations, Audacy. “The speed of development of Flowics has been impressive, and our partnership with them has allowed us to deliver up-to-the-second data on all of our over 95 hours of original content weekly. “

“This implementation of Flowics Graphics and our Sportradar data connectors in a production environment is a good example of how leading content creators can combine cloud-based graphics with real-time sports data to produce betting-oriented flows in a more scalable and flexible way. said the CEO and founder of Flowics, Gabriel Baños. “Graphics are a key part of these live shows, and it is gratifying that the BetQL network has chosen Flowics as the sole graphics engine for the workflow. We look forward to a growing partnership as the network launches more shows in the coming months. “

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About BetQL
The BetQL Network is a live linear digital channel that will be distributed on the digital platforms Audacy and BetQL, Twitch and YouTube. The network, which is also home to the popular shows “BetQL Daily”, “You Better You Bet”, “The Daily Tip” and “BetMGM Tonight”, can also be consumed on many digital on-demand platforms, Audacy -of stations. nationwide broadcast owned and operated and other broadcast network affiliates. The BetQL network is available nationwide through the Audacy mobile app and website, over 10,000 home and auto-connected devices, and

About Flowics
Flowics is the most comprehensive cloud platform for powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content for linear and OTT broadcasters. Recognized by more than 50 television networks in the United States, Latin America and Europe, Flowics works with broadcasters and producers in the sports, media and entertainment industry to help them streamline their production workflows and to add a layer of interactivity to their programming to retain and monetize viewers in all digital environments. The Flowics platform enables customers to remotely create and operate live graphics and interactive experiences for social media, broadcast, live broadcast, websites, apps or sites.

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Photo caption: The BetQL network has implemented the Flowics Graphics module and Flowics Sportradar data connectors in its workflow.

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Video Description: Flowics Data Connector for Sportsradar enables graphic designers and producers to create and operate charts with live betting odds from multiple sportsbook.

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