Best GTA V PC settings: how to optimize graphics and boost FPS

GTA V is one of the most popular games in the world, but with its huge map and crazy action, it can be difficult for your computer to manage. Here are the best GTA V PC settings for you to increase your FPS.

Grand Theft Auto V first came out in 2013, but eight years later it still draws millions of gamers per year. From GTA Online to modified servers like NoPixel, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Los Santos.

The fifth entry in the legendary series takes place in San Andreas County and offers the largest map GTA has ever had, with 30 square miles of land.

With all the buildings, vehicles, NPCs, and more to be found in the game, it can be difficult for computers to keep it running well. To give you a hand, we’ve rounded up the best PC settings to improve your graphics and boost your FPS.

Best GTA 5 PC settings for high FPS

If you are struggling to get FPS in GTA V, there are some surprising settings you can change that could have a big impact on your performance.

You might not even notice the grass as you drive around Los Santos, but switching the quality from Ultra to Normal can add an extra 12 frames per second. Lowering MSAA anti-aliasing is also very useful, with big performance improvements between 8x, 4x, and 2x.

You can see our best graphics settings below.

Graphics tab

  • Screen type: Full screen
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080 for high-end graphics cards, 1600 × 900 for best FPS.
  • Aspect ratio: Auto
  • Refresh rate: Select the highest number that matches the refresh rate of your monitor
  • Output monitor: 1
  • FXAA: At
  • MSAA: Deactivated
  • VSync: Deactivated
  • Suspend the game in case of loss of concentration: Deactivated
  • Population density: Deactivated
  • Variety of population: Deactivated
  • Scaling distances: Disabled.
  • Texture quality: Normal
  • Shader quality: High
  • The quality of the shade: Normal
  • Reflection quality: High
  • MSAA Reflection: X2
  • Water quality: Normal
  • Particle quality: Normal
  • Grass quality: Normal
  • Soft shadows: sharp
  • Post FX: High
  • Motion blur strength: Deactivated
  • Anisotropic filtering: Deactivated
  • Ambient occlusion: High
  • Paving: Deactivated

Advanced graphics

  • Long shadows: Deactivated
  • High resolution: Deactivated
  • Very detailed in-flight streaming: Deactivated
  • Image scaling mode: Deactivated
GTA V settings screen

Of course, if you are using very old hardware, there may be no GTA V settings that can help your FPS. For everyone else, the settings listed above should help boost your FPS and make your time in Los Santos smoother.

To see if your computer can run the game, check out GTA V’s Minimum and Recommended PC Specs, then take a look at the fastest cars in GTA Online.

Image credits: Rockstar Games

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