Aurélia Durand celebrates multiculturalism and community in her vibrant illustrations

It’s never easy to find your voice as an illustrator, but it’s something Aurélia Durand has achieved through her colorful and lively practice. In her talk at Nicer Tuesdays in February, the French illustrator told us about her inspirations and how she developed a visual style that is both recognizable and varied, filled with personal stories of family, travel and childhood. . To kick off the conference, Aurélia first showed us an introductory video to her work covering a multitude of commissions, digital illustrations, animations, AR and murals. Next, she discussed her values ​​as an illustrator and how she represents her heritage through her practice. “I grew up in a family with different cultural backgrounds,” she explained. “It’s the inspiration for my work – where I come from – and I want to say it through my work.”

Aurélia then showed the audience some key samples from her recent portfolio, which included a series of cheerful animations as well as a handful of brand collaborations, such as a fun and lively sticker order for Giphy. Coherent in her style, Aurélia’s aesthetic is authentic and festive; she strives to tell stories of diversity, representation and community, while amplifying the voices of Afro-descendants. “Reconnecting with my roots,” she said, “I’ve connected with so many people around the world.”

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