Are you a youth pastor? Here are 9 absolutely LIT video game illustrations for your next sermon

Are you a youth pastor? Oh no! You only have one week to prepare for your next sermon!

But who has time to study the Word of God, exaggerate the text, understand what it means, and then apply it to the lives of your students? Nobody, who is it! That’s why, at The Babylon Bee, we’ve played thousands of hours of video games to draw the best illustrations for your next sermon:

1. Sin is like a Minecraft creeper who sneaks into your house and blows it up in the middle of the night, unless it’s obsidian, which is like the Bible? Or something like that.

2. Cortana is like the influence of the Holy Spirit, whispering in your ear what you need to do. Listen to Cortana.

3. We need to fit Bible reading time into our day, just like we need to slide the long Tetris block in a space to do a Tetris. Wow. So powerful. Lots of spirituality. Wow.

4. In Loss you kill demons. Less a metaphor and more a mere visualization of the Christian life.

5. half lifeHeadcrabs are like cowardly women trying to jump on you, kiss your face, and steal your purity. The solution? Hit them with a crowbar.

6. We have to keep killing our sin, just like how you have to double tap zombies in Left 4 Dead 2. Kill the old man. Romans 8, children. Bam. Microphone drop.

7. Pac-Man is a powerful metaphor for the dangers of drug addiction. This poor lost soul, trapped in the maze of addiction as he snacks on pills and is chased by ghosts he hallucinates. Just say no, kids.

8. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater reminds us of our need for 540 air McTwist (preach) the combo (gospel) to the halfpipes (lost souls) in our skatepark (community). Not a stretch at all. It is obvious that the designers were believers.

9. Guitar Hero reminds us that heavy metal is satanic. A terrifying reminder.

Now your sermon preparation is complete. It was nothing! You can spend the rest of your time playing Infinite Halo.

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