Animated video of man spinning with helicopter rotor shown as real


Social media Publish accompanying video of a man sitting on the rotor of a helicopter and spinning with him is widely shared as if this had actually happened. The Post calls it the rotor challenge. Let’s check the claim made in the mail.

Claim: Video of a man spinning with the rotor of a helicopter

Made: This is an infographic video created by a CG artist and shared on his Instagram account named ‘mgb-core’. It is clearly mentioned in this account that the video is shot using smartsuit pro. Additionally, there are many animated videos shared by the creator in this account. Therefore, the claim made by post is FALSE.

Halfway through the video, we can spot a watermark that says “MGB CORE”. Drawing inspiration from this, Google search with relevant keywords led us to an Instagram account with the name ‘mgb_core’, which had one million followers. As per the description, this account is managed by a graphic designer, and further in the description, it is expressly mentioned that all content posted on this account is created by itself.

This account shared a longer version viral video. In the longer version of the video, we can see that after turning at high speed, the man ends up flying in the sky with the helicopter. However, it is emphatically mentioned in the post that the video is shot by animating the characters using ‘Smartsuit Pro’, an animation software. In addition, the post-credits of other animators who participated in the making of the video.

Also, many such infographic videos are shared on this account. This proves that the viral video is nothing more than an animated video. FACTLY also debunked a few animated videos that were posted on social media as if they were real, these fact-checking stories can be read here, here and here.

In short, an animated video of a man spinning with a helicopter rotor sounded like real.

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