Amazing Pokemon Gold animation made using LEGO bricks

An artist shows off an amazing Pokemon Gold player character animation using only LEGO bricks to achieve the effect.

In 1999, Game Freak and Nintendo released a direct sequel to their first Pokemon Games. These games were known as Pokémon Gold and Silver. The games introduced 100 new Pokemon to the series canon as well as a ton of new characters, Gyms, and antagonists. Pokémon Gold and Silver also saw players take control of a new protagonist who embarked on his own journey to becoming a master.

Although there were some differences between pokemon gold and the other versions, the games all followed the same basic structure. Originally known as Gold before his name was canonically changed to Ethan, the player character traveled the Johto region collecting badges, battling Team Rocket, and taking on his rival, Silver, before facing the Elite Four. Gold/Ethan’s journey then took him to the Kanto region where he fought Red and Blues the original Gym leaders, faced off against Blue, then challenged the original protagonist Red to an epic mountaintop showdown.


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Despite its release over 20 years ago, Pokémon Gold and Silver maintaining a strong fanbase who continue to support him in their own way to this day. In a recent Reddit post, a user by the name of uBeckrs went above and beyond, sharing some animation they made as a tribute to the second-gen game. Specifically, it was an animation of Pokémon Gold and Silver protagonist Gold/Ethan made entirely with LEGO bricks. Artists have recreated entire regions like Route Two with LEGO bricks from the Pokemon universe before, but rarely have they included animation like this.

I animated the Pokémon Gold main character Sprite using Lego as pixel art [full video in comments] of pokemon

The animation in the pokemon gold The LEGO illustrations are relatively simple but probably took a lot of time, hard work and effort to get right. It shows Gold/Ethan walking, moving, and facing different directions. The piece of LEGO animation is part of a larger user-made video that shows the character moving from one LEGO pad to another. The comments on the YouTube video and the Reddit post were very positive, and many were impressed with the results of the animation.

Various works of art and tributes to Pokémon Gold and Silver are relatively easy to find on the Internet. Fans continue to share their various articles and character artwork from the games. Last year, someone recreated Goldenrod City from Pokémon Gold and Silver entirely in Minecraft.

Whereas Pokémon Gold and Silver will probably live forever in the shadow of pokemon red and blue, his fanbase remained strong. Arguments have been made to date that Pokémon Gold and Silver deserve remakes for the Nintendo Switch similar to Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s go Eevee. Although Nintendo doesn’t seem to be in a rush to make such a game, the fan base is keeping it alive in its own way.

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Source: YouTube/Legotto

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