Alan Wake Remastered PC Graphics RTX 3080 Comparison Shows Increased Geometry But Somewhat Underwhelming Character Models and Lighting


A new Alan Wake Remastered PC graphical comparison has surfaced, comparing the original version to the remastered version running on an NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU.

Yesterday we already covered an Xbox comparison video, and today the YouTube channel “ElAnalistaDeBits” shared a PC comparison video. Yesterday’s comparison already highlighted some of the remastering issues on Xbox consoles, and today’s PC comparison shows that while the PC version appears to be a bit better than the console versions, there are various aspects that could still need to be improved. The main improvements in this remaster include improved texture, lighting and geometry, but the character modeling and new lighting are somewhat disappointing, for example, with the foliage having lost some of its charm due to the new lighting.

Alan Wake Remastered comparison video confirms 1440p resolution on Xbox Series X, poor performance on Xbox One and more

You can check out the new comparison video below and judge for yourself:

  • This comparison was made using an RTX 3080.
  • D3T Studio made this remaster (the same as Mafia II: DE and Shenmue 1 & 2 HD).
  • The remaster mainly adds texture improvements, increased geometry, and an updated lighting system.
  • However, the result in some aspects is not entirely satisfactory. Alan has more geometry now, but the result (in my opinion) is not good enough.
  • The new lighting dramatically improves ambient occlusion, adds new points of light and divine rays, but this atmosphere has been lost in nighttime environments.
  • The foliage has lost much of its charm with the new lighting.
  • CONTROL makes great use of lighting and ray tracing. I would have liked a similar result in Alan Wake Remastered.
  • The cutscenes suffer from some freezes in the remaster, causing audio desynchronization (more common on consoles).
  • The drawing distance is smaller in the remaster compared to the original in the vegetation.
  • Fortunately, the PC version is better suited than the console version.

Alan Wake Remastered is now available worldwide for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PlayStation 4/5. As previously stated, this remaster aims to deliver improved visual effects and lighting, along with improved character models and richer environment details. As explained by Remedy, the game does not support Ray Tracing or HDR on any platform because it takes too long to implement. It does, however, support DLSS on PC.

“As this is a remaster based on the existing Alan Wake engine and technology, adding ray tracing / HDR support was deemed too time consuming,” Remedy explained in the game’s FAQ. “It would have taken resources away from other critical areas.”

Remedy officially announced the remaster last month.

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