Alan Wake Remastered art director promises upgraded graphics will live up to original vision



Alan wake is (almost) back and better than ever. In September, Remedy Entertainment unveiled Alan Wake remastered: an updated version of his 2010 supernatural action-adventure video game. The story would remain the same, but Alan wake would receive a complete visual overhaul thanks to a decade of technological advancements in games. Of course, the visuals played a big part in the atmosphere of the original game, so Remedy was careful to maintain Alan wake integrity. Here is how they did it.

‘Alan Wake Remastered’ | Epic Games / Remedy Entertainment

‘Alan Wake Remastered’ Comes A Decade After The Original

Launch of Remedy Entertainment Alan wake exclusive to Xbox and PC in 2010, but the remaster will also be available on PlayStation consoles. The game follows the titular Alan Wake, a writer who goes on vacation with his wife, Alice, to the small town of Bright Falls. However, the scenic getaway takes a sinister turn when Alice disappears.

During his quest to find her, Alan encounters an evil darkness that came to life in his latest novel. Darkness possesses the inhabitants of Bright Falls and turns them into killers, attempting to stop Alan in his tracks. Can he survive the darkness and save Alice?

Alan Wake rose to critical acclaim and fans continued to talk about it for years after its release. On September 7, creator Sam Lake revealed via fan-made website The Sudden Stop that fan support has gone a long way towards making the remaster.

“This is for you. Alan wake released over 11 years ago, and through that time you’ve told us over and over how much you love the game, the story, the characters, and the lore. And that means a lot to us, ”he wrote. “We love this game too. I love this game. The remaster is coming thanks to your support at Alan wake over the years.”

Remedy Entertainment wanted the remaster to stay true to the original vibe

The primary concern of any remake or remaster is usually how well the new product will replicate the original. The Remedy team ensured that Alan wake will provide the same experience as 11 years ago, but it will be much better. According to art director Janne Pulkkinen, “respecting the original vision” was one of Remedy’s goals for Alan Wake remastered.

“The art direction of the game has held up very well to this day, so the emphasis has been on making sure that everything happens at higher resolutions as well,” Pulkkinen told Mobile Syrup. “Many assets have been completely rebuilt with this in mind. The rendering was also improved on all levels, but with great care, so as not to lose what was already working so well.

Some members of the Remedy team worked on both the original and the remaster, which helped the studio maintain the heart of Alan wake, according to Remedy’s communications director, Thomas Puha.

“What’s really cool about this remaster is that many of the key developers who created the game in the first place are still at Remedy. Several of them have worked closely on the remaster to ensure that we stayed as true to the original game as possible, ”said Puha.

New technology allowed ‘Alan Wake Remastered’ to have improved graphics

With all that said, Alan Wake remastered players will likely notice some key changes in the graphics. As the video above shows, the cutscenes will feature enhanced animations and the character models will more closely match their cast. Meanwhile, the environment has a lot more detail in its trees and foliage.

Alan Wake remastered launches October 5 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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