ACNH Player’s Able Sisters Pixel Animation Recalls The First Game Boy


A talented artist recently unveiled a unique creation: a pixel animation of the Able Sisters clothing store – reminiscent of the Game Boy era.

A Animal crossing: new horizons fan and obvious artist recently showcased their recent pixel animation, which features the Able Sisters clothing store. Animal crossing: new horizons and its lovable cast of NPCs and other lovable villagers has led to countless tributes in fan art, many of which bring the game’s most popular elements to life in a variety of gripping visuals.

The Able Sisters is a clothing store present throughout the Animal crossing series, which provides the latest fashions for members of its community. The store is managed by ACNH The PNJ sisters Sable and Mabel, the latter being the comparatively most outgoing and friendly sister. That said, Sable is an extremely talented seamstress and enjoys giving players new sets of patterned fabrics if she befriends – she can be found quietly working in the background of the store, while Mabel interacts with customers who read attentively.


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A talented and artistic Animal crossing: new horizons fan recently unveiled some of their work: a pixel animation of the Able Sisters clothing store. Reddit user gejopixelart is the spirit behind the creation, and impressively places Mabel and Sable in the era of the original Game Boy console through their graphic work. The animation aptly features Sable working diligently on her sewing machine in the background, with Mabel in the foreground addressing the viewer with a text box below. Mabel says, ” Hello ! Welcome to the artisan fashion palace of the Able Sisters. ” The textbox in particular is a throwback to older portable consoles, especially with the floating arrow placed at the end of the sentence.

the Animal crossing The series does not have an official Game Boy port, having debuted in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube console. Having said that, the first Animal crossing The episode actually features the Able Sisters clothing store – marking Sable and Mabel’s very first appearance in the series (fittingly in the very first game in the series). As a result, the Able sisters are an integral part of the franchise’s gameplay and storylines; and with the seemingly increasing customization available to gamers in the latest installment in the series New Horizons, the mechanics and functionalities of the store are constantly growing.

Pixel animation not only brings a new perspective to a current generation game, but it also serves as a reminder of how far video games have come. Although Animal crossing: new horizons and the Able Sisters are no longer represented with weaker 3D graphics (New Horizons is a particularly amazing and detailed game), a pixelated version of the social simulation game would be no less fun than its recent installments. That said, maybe a pixelated version of Animal crossing already exists, thanks to Valley of stars.

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Source: gejopixelart / Reddit

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