ACNH Fan Animation reinvents Animal Crossing as a Game Boy title


An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player reinvented the game as a Game Boy title, creating classic retro-style animation of the game.

A Animal crossing: new horizons The player shared a very creative animation they made this week, reimagining the game as it would have been if it had been released on Game Boy. It’s a perfect collision between old and new games, and especially timely with rumors that Nintendo Switch Online may add Game Boy games to its expansion pack. The long term Animal crossing The series is no stranger to handheld games, with iterations on both Nintendo DS and 3DS, but the Game Boy predates the release of the first title in the series.

the Animal crossing The series has been around since 2001, where it debuted in Japan for the N64 and was called Animal forest. Soon after, it was ported to Gamecube and released worldwide. Since then the Animal crossing the series had 5 main entries, including the original, with titles for Nintendo DS, Wii, 3DS and Nintendo Switch released between that date and 2020. The most recent title – Animal Crossing: New Horizons – released on March 20, 2020 and quickly became a smash hit – in fact, it could become the best-selling Nintendo Switch game in console history. The Game Boy era was before Animal crossing began, with the release of the first handheld computer in 1989. Arguably one of the most iconic video game devices of all time, it radically changed the portable gaming landscape and has sold over 118 million units worldwide.


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Reddit user gejospixelart shared a creative cross between the two this week, with a Animal crossing animation in the 8-bit style of the Game Boy. Although a Game Boy Animal crossing the title never existed, it looks quite comfortable on the retro handheld and is reminiscent of the style of older titles in the series. Animation shows a character dressed in one of the most common outfits from the original game – a horned helmet – alongside villager Ankha, a character from the first Animal crossing it is still popular today. The user has recreated the style of titles from the Game Boy era perfectly, with the design of the environment reminiscent of titles like Pokemon Red and Blue.

Animal Crossing in Game Boy style.

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The animation will surely induce a lot of nostalgia from Game Boy and Animal crossing Fans. The cute and unique 8-bit style is hard to find in current titles, and while the awe-inspiring visuals of modern games are generally seen as an improvement, it’s not uncommon for gamers who have played older consoles to miss out. their graphic style. The animation is also linked to doing some Animal crossing players nostalgic for older titles. Previous handheld Animal crossing titles are highly regarded by many veteran gamers, and while there are certain gameplay elements that Animal crossing: new horizons does better than previous versions, many longtime fans still miss a lot of features from older games that weren’t included in the latest addition.

This throwback animation impressively combines different eras of video games into one frame and is sure to spark some sentimentality for gamers who have been playing games for many generations of tech. It reminds us of how Nintendo’s technology and Animal crossing have come over the years. This work of art may even inspire those who still own older consoles and handhelds to take them out for a spin – especially Animal crossing fans who want to remember.

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Source: gejospixelart / Reddit

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