8-bit LEGO style stop-motion video showcases video game classics


We love to watch masterpieces of stop-motion cinema. Including this clip featuring laser cut dance figures and this short film of a man waiting for winter in his cabin. Now we can add to that list of stop-n-go beauties a new 8-bit LEGO stop-motion from the Swedish art duo Rymdreglage. It’s not only chock full of cheesy references but has also taken

nine years


Laughing Squid found Rymdreglage’s incredible stop motion (above), which is a sequel to a 2009 video. The first video, “8-bit trip”, was essentially the same type of stop motion, featuring Features LEGO structures that transform over time into various legendary 8-bit protagonists from 90s and 80s video games.


In this video, Rymdreglage takes things to the next level with a psychedelic journey through what amounts to an ever-changing battlefield between classic characters like Sonic, Link, Mario, and Donkey Kong, as well as 8-bit villains like Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde from


; foreigners from

Space invaders

; and even Birdo from

Super mario bros 2


Each scene in the three-minute video must have taken dozens (if not hundreds) of hours. Especially the ones like the Kung-Fu Master shots after about a minute, as well as the Fractured Mega Man sculpture that fits together perfectly at the correct camera angle. The battle between LEGO 8-bit Link and Dark Link is also very good.

An artist and musician laying LEGO pieces on the floor in front of a camera and lighting setup for an 8-bit LEGO Stop-Motion


Surprisingly, it looks like this stop-motion sequel isn’t nearly on the same viral trajectory as the original. The first part of Rymdreglage has 15,000,000 views at the time of this writing, while this new sequel has only around 10,000. Although this new video, of course, has been around for much less time. We’ll have to see where 2030 is when Rymreglage hopefully has their third video ready to go. In the meantime, you can watch more of the duo’s videos and even their unique take on 8-bit video game music.

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