3 Ways to Convert Any Video to Slow Motion Video on Android


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Slow motion videos are cool, aren’t they? Sometimes people shoot slow motion videos from their phone if it has a built-in feature, and if it doesn’t, they can get help from slow motion video maker apps. But what if you’ve shot a video at normal speed before and now want to convert it in slow motion? Maybe that photo of the pool when you flipped your hair but someone forgot to capture it in slow motion? Well, don’t worry! Today I am going to share some ways to convert any video to slow motion video on your Android.

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Convert any video to slow motion video

There are a few apps as well as websites that allow you to change the speed of your video so that you can easily turn any video into slow motion or fast motion. Read on to find out about them!

1. VITA application

This app allows you to edit videos on your phone and among several other features that it offers there is a feature that allows you to change the speed of your video. Here’s how:

  1. Open the VITA app on your phone and tap “New project”
  2. Now choose the video from your phone that you want to convert in slow motion.
  3. After loading, select the “Edit” option from the bottom menu bar.
  4. Then press “Speed” and drag the slider to slow down the speed. It offers up to 0.25x slow motion.
  5. Finally, tap the control sign at the bottom.

Tap the back arrow at the bottom, then tap “Export” in the right corner above. That’s it. Your slow motion video will now be recorded.

Some other features offered by the app are gear changing, adding effects, music, text, background, etc. in a video.

Download VITA

2. Videoshop

This is another app which allows you to change video speed on your phone. Follow these steps to slow down any video:

1. Open the Videoshop app on your phone and tap “Import Clip” to select the video from your phone.

2. Tap “Done”, then the editor will open.

3. Find the “Speed” button in the menu bar by dragging it to the left and pressing it.

4. After that, drag the slider to the left to choose a slow motion speed up to 0.30x.

5. Tap the green check mark.

That’s it. Your slow motion video will be saved.

Other features offered by this app are resize, music, tilt, fit, invert etc.

Download Videoshop

3. Video

This website allows you to change the speed of online video.

  1. Just visit Clideo’s video gear shifting tool here: https://clideo.com/change-video-speed

2. Click “Choose File” to select your video.

3. Select the desired video speed from the box on the right side of the screen. As you can see, you can select a speed up to 0.25x.

4. After that, click on “Speed”.

That’s it. Your slow motion video will now be recorded. This process can take several minutes, so you will have to wait.

This website also offers several other video editing tools like video resize, compress, change ration, etc.

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These are a few ways that you can convert any video to slow motion video on your Android phone. If you know of any other such app or website, let us know in the comments!

For more of these tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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