10 Other Great Moving Video Games, Ranked

During this summer’s Not-E3 festivities, the PC Gaming Show 2022 announced that the highly anticipated mystery game FMV Immortality will finally be released on July 26. This game, in which players find out what happened to a missing actress, is developed by British video game designer Sam Barlow, who is best known for creating Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and a 2015 FMV game titled His history.

However His history caused a resurgence in popularity for FMV games, these games have been around as a niche genre since the 1980s and include fantasy titles like Chip’s advice and the popular Yorudora Series.


ten Chip’s Advice (2020)

A screenshot of the game Chip's Tips

Created for the Dread X Collection 3which is a compilation of short horror games created by 12 independent developers in 10 days, Chip’s advice is a surreal point-and-click horror adventure inspired by the children’s series Blue’s clues and historical horror game FMV Reaper. Developed by Torple Dook, who also co-created the fishing horror game EARL’S DAY OFF, the game follows a young man named Skip and his dog named Chip as they prepare to throw a Halloween party.

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To help Skip and Chip get ready for the party, the player controls Skip as he explores the house to find supplies and remember his friends’ phone numbers. But, as the player completes tasks, the house slowly becomes darker and more distorted, and some gruesome secrets are revealed.

9 Yarudora series (1998-2000)

A screenshot of the protagonist and Maria Santos from the third game in the Yarudora series titled Sampaguita

Developed by Sugar & Rockets, who also worked on the 2005 PSP RPG PoPoLoCroisand Production IG, which is one of the best known animation studios, Yarudora is a series of six FMV animated visual novels. Unlike most visual novels which simply use static images, these games are almost entirely comprised of high quality animated scenes with only a few still images. At certain points in each game, the player is able to make choices that lead to one of many unique endings.

Although each game in the series has completely different plots, characters, genres, and art styles, the first four games each correspond to a particular season and focus on an amnesiac heroine. While these games were only released in Japan, the PSP re-release of the first game, Dual Distribution, has an English fan patch. Years later, the series inspired the 2018 game Mugs;Gate Elite.

8 Phantasmagoria (1995)

A screenshot of protagonist Adrienne Delaney from the game Phantasmagoria.

Created by historic video game designer Roberta Williams, who is best known for co-founding Sierra Entertainment and creating the King’s Quest series, Phantasmagoria is a 1995 point-and-click adventure horror game that follows a mystery novelist named Adrienne Delaney. When she and her husband move into an isolated mansion, she begins to have horrible nightmares and soon discovers that the house once belonged to a famous dark magician named Zoltan “Carno” Carnovasch.

After discovering a secret chapel and freeing the ghost of Zoltan, Adrienne will need all her wits to escape the mansion alive. With titles such as FMV tex murphy Games, Phantasmagoria proved that video games could be more than they were, even if the game didn’t age well.

seven Haunting Realms (1996)

A screenshot from the game Realms of the Haunting which shows the FMV portrait of main character Adam Randall

Released for MS-DOS in 1996, haunting realms is a dark horror game that uniquely combines the point-and-click adventure, FMV, and FPS genres. The game follows a young man named Adam Randall who decides to visit a mysterious old mansion in order to investigate his father’s death. But, once he arrives, he is immediately trapped inside and discovers that the building is filled with monsters.

After teaming up with a seer named Rebecca Trevisard, Adam slowly discovers that the house contains portals that lead to other realms, and that he is the chosen one who is supposed to determine the fate of the universe. Despite critical acclaim and the developers originally intending to make a sequel, poor sales numbers unfortunately led to the story never continuing.

6 Dark Nights with Poe & Munro (2020)

A screenshot from the game Dark Nights with Poe & Munro

Developed by D’Avekki Studios, who also created the FMV game The infectious madness of Doctor Dekker and co-created the game FMV The shape-shifting detective with Wales Interactive, Dark Nights with Poe & Munro is a 2020 supernatural mystery game inspired by The X Files. The game follows the titular duo John “Poe” Pope and Ellis Munro who are local radio hosts in the town of “August” who analyze people’s dreams.

Over the course of the game’s six episodes, Poe and Munro encounter various supernatural mysteries while dealing with the secret romance between them. Although this game can be played on its own, it is set in the same universe as other Avekki Studios games.

5 Who muted Uncle Marcus? (2022)

A screenshot from the game Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus

In addition to co-creating The Shapeshifting Detective, Wales Interactive has also developed several of its own FMV titles like the bunker and Late change. Their latest game is murder mystery game 2022 Who Muted Uncle Marcus?, which features Andy Buckley from Office as the titular uncle Marcus. Similar to another previous Wales Interactive FMV game night book, the game was filmed by each of the individual actors during the lockdown.

In this game, players take on the role of a young woman named Abby whose mother always has a family quiz on her birthday. But, this year, Uncle Marcus reveals to Abby that he was poisoned by one of the other family members, so now she must find out who did it before it’s too late.

4 Death Come True (2020)

Makoto Karaki about to make a choice in Death Come True game

Directed by Kazutaka Kodaka, who created the iconic Danganronpa franchise, Death come true is a mystery adventure game of 2020 which lasts about two to three hours. The game follows a young man who wakes up in a hotel room with none of his memories, and he discovers that there is an unconscious woman tied up in the hotel room’s bathtub. When he turns on the television, the information reveals that he is supposed to be a serial killer named Makoto Karaki.

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To regain his memories, Karaki begins to explore the mysterious hotel which has cops looking for him and a mysterious person stalking him. Mysteriously, every time he dies, he simply wakes up in the hotel room with his memories from previous loops.

3 Not for Broadcast (2022)

A screenshot from the game Not For Broadcast

Released around early 2022, Not for broadcast is a dystopian political satire broadcast simulator that enhances the gameplay mechanics of 90s FMV games like Night trap. Set in an alternate 1980s, the game follows Alex Winston who works as a broadcaster for Channel One’s National Nightly News. During the broadcast, the player chooses camera angles, censors inappropriate words, adds sound effects, and selects which advertisements to broadcast.

Apart from the broadcast room, the player will also have to make choices in his private life. Eventually, it is revealed that a political party called Advance surprisingly won the election and is slowly implementing more authoritarian policies. Depending on the player’s actions and choices, they can achieve one of 14 different endings.

2 Telling Lies (2019)

A screenshot from the game Telling Lies

Created by British game designer Sam Barlow as a spiritual successor to His story, telling lies is an award-winning 2019 investigative thriller where the player uncovers the secrets of four individuals by watching private video calls. Similar to His history, the game takes place on a virtual desktop and the player finds information by searching for keywords found in the images.

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After the protagonist steals a USB drive filled with NSA-recorded footage, she begins watching private voice calls between four people. As the story progresses, the player slowly discovers who the protagonist is, why she is watching this footage, and what happened to these four characters.

1 428: Shibuya Scramble (2008)

The character selection screen in 428: Shibuya Scramble

Before merging with Spike and becoming Spike Chunsoft, Chunsoft had created many important visual novel games including The Portopia serial murder casewhich is one of the first visual novels, and the zero escape series. But, one great title from the company that often gets overlooked is the critically acclaimed 2008 adventure game 428: Shibuya stampede.

Set in Shibuya, the game follows five main characters who must work together to solve a mystery in 10 hours. Although the characters do not interact or know each other, all of their actions affect each other, and player choices lead to hundreds of unique paths and 87 possible endings.

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