10 anime that deserved better animation

While the anime genre has always spawned titles with exceptional animation, the modern era of animation has completely changed what was expected of production studios. With series like Jujutsu Kaisen, demon slayerand The attack of the Titans pushing the boundaries of the art form, viewers are more apt than ever to notice when a show’s animation falls short.

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In particular, there are a handful of anime that, despite their solid premise, world-building, and character development, have been held back by particularly terrible animation. These shows may not have been completely ruined by their respective studios, but that hardly makes up for the fact that they deserved better.

ten The Seven Deadly Sins Looked Good (Until It Didn’t)

The seven deadly sins is a series that became infamous for the sudden drop in animation quality around 2020. Originally released in 2014, The seven deadly sins was the second exclusive anime to be added to the Netflix service, and the animation for its first two seasons completely lived up to expectations.

Unfortunately for fans of the show, the third season saw a drastic change from its previous production quality, resulting in some of the most poorly animated sequences to ever come out of a major release. The brave at heart should check out Meliodas and Escanor’s fight for an example of ridiculously bad animation.

9 Berserk (2016) was a disappointment for Miura’s legacy

BerserkThe manga has been widely praised since its inception, but the various anime adaptations of the series have consistently struggled upon release. Although the anime’s 1997 series wasn’t badly animated compared to its peers, the 2016 reboot of the fantasy series featured abysmal 3D graphics that immediately turned most viewers away.

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Written by the late great Kentaro Miura, Berserk is widely acclaimed to this day for the critical value of its subject matter and narrative. However, the animation of this series was so bad that it didn’t matter. 3D animation may not always come at the expense of an anime, but it was so distracting in this case that the franchise eventually called a show-stopper for the second time.

8 Dragon Ball Super’s Animation Felt Rushed

The dragonball is potentially the best-known anime franchise of all time, so fans were a bit surprised when the first arc of its 2015 sequel, Dragon Ball Super, suffered from such serious production problems. Later arcs definitely recovered from that rocky start, but Goku’s interactions with Beerus left an indelible mark on fans’ minds.

If anything speaks to the downsides of weekly serialization, it’s that an incredibly well-funded project like Dragon Ball Super may suffer from such problems. Despite Funimation’s best efforts, the constraints of a weekly release schedule lead to slip-ups like this.

seven The production of Naruto was sometimes painful

Another from the anime “Big Three”, naruto was also plagued with a weekly production schedule. The demand for content has resulted in lower quality content for viewers. The real problem with the animation of this series is how it has consistently fallen short of expectations throughout its run, not just one specific arc.

The series has well-crafted visuals, but when two of the protagonist’s most important fights (against young Sasuke and Pain, respectively) are known for their goofy animation and character models, a problem clearly exists.

6 One of Black Clover’s Most Important Fight Scenes Gets a Little Too Abstract

black clover has slowly gained traction since its release in 2017, and while most series feature decent to above-average production, it’s not without its issues. About halfway through the anime’s Elf Saga, Asta, the series’ main character, and the Black Bulls head to the Witches’ Forest, resulting in a battle that pits them against the Sorcerer of the Kingdom of diamond, Ladros.

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This fight was undoubtedly the low point of the show’s production value, with jarring and oddly animated scenes hurled at the viewer at a blistering pace. Luckily, this series really seemed to get its animation back on track following the poor response to this scene, and fans can now look forward to a black clover film in the next calendar year.

5 Dororo succeeds despite his poor animation

Animation quality issues usually result in a lower quality product, but despite DororoThe visual presentation of repeatedly slipping to the level of flip-book animation, the series has been universally praised, earning over 8/10 on MyAnimeList.

The production studio behind DororoMAPPA, ironically, has been included on many lists for top animation studios over the past few years, so if anything, this series shows that even the best production companies are capable of slipping up on occasion.

4 Ajin: the demi-human was a visual failure

With anime growing at such an overwhelming rate, studios were forced to take risks with new techniques and mediums like 3D and CGI animation. Unfortunately, projects like Ajin: Demi-human show why these risks have not always materialized. First release in 2016, Ajin: Demi-human had enough potential to be immediately picked up by a streaming giant like Netflix.

Perhaps due to the bad taste left in viewers’ mouths by other poorly received 3D anime titles, Ajin: Demi-human received significant backlash over its visual style upon release, obscuring what was effectively an engaging first-season narrative.

3 xxxHolic’s character design is too entertaining to ignore

Production IG offers quality titles, such as Haikyu!! and the ghost in the shell series, on a consistent basis, but they had to have an error like xxxHolic ultimately. Released in 2006, xxxHolic would make a great series if not for just one aspect: its clunky, lanky character designs.

Every character in the series is portrayed in this weird, elongated way, and while the weird animation style serves as a decent complement to the show’s spooky atmosphere on a few occasions, the majority of the series’ characters and their spindly designs end up serving as distractions more often than not.

2 Bleach revealed the burden of a weekly release schedule

Bleach is one of the most popular anime of all time, but the franchise has definitely struggled with its fair share of production issues. The most common criticism comes from the show’s abundant amount of filler. However, the pitfalls of Studio Pierrot’s seminal work do not end there.

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The same animation program that resulted in Bleach including several filler arcs, some of which were abruptly stalled amid huge narrative developments, ultimately led to a drop in its visual quality. These instances aren’t as frequent as some other series, but for a series that deserved better, these moments stand out.

1 EX-ARM’s animation is as bad as modern anime

EX-ARMThe story of probably didn’t deserve the best production quality. What he received, however, couldn’t have resulted in a worse end product. The first (and probably last) venture from the brand new Visual Flight Studios, EX-ARM was widely considered one of the worst anime releases of the past decade, thanks in large part to the abysmal animation it featured.

Given the horror EX-ARMis, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes the cyberpunk series such a flop. Either way, it’s safe to say that a slightly better animation would have done a lot for the show.

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